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Whispering The Stars With Astrologer Akannksha Sharma

Ritika Kulkarni

Hard work pays off in the future, so why wait for even one more day? Most of us believe in the fundamental elements of astrology and Numerology. The Planets and Stars' location plays a crucial role in one's life, and they do influence our everyday routines. Most of us have experienced abrupt shifts in our lives that cannot be clearly defined, and do you wonder what makes Bollywood celebrities look happy through the good and the bad periods of life? Except in Bollywood, only a few people make it to the generations. So, have you given thought to their expertise in managing any unexpected situations? According to the figures, the bulk of Bollywood stars observe astrological and gemstone rituals. They indulge in the highest performing and most expensive gemstones to boost their career success. Many Bollywood stars wear gemstones, and they have long believed in the value of gemstones.

There is no surprise that Movie stars and models have a deep belief in Vedic astrology and horoscopes. There is a noticeable link between astrological films and movie selection every Friday. Astrology helps an individual in picking his best career option based on various celestial locations and calculations. Various yog in astrology enables performers to gain success in the film industry. There are also numerous Career yogs for Job Success. These astrological combinations for fame indicate how good you can do in your acting career according to Indian Vedic astrological laws.

Salman Khan is a fan of astrology. There were moments throughout his career where he had to face difficulties. Since he started wearing his turquoise ring, his life was transformed for good. The bracelet is a gift from his aunt, and he has had it since it was given to him. He assumes that the stone brings prosperity. Indeed the stone contains a plethora of spiritual properties. It offers him protection from health ailments and opens up a path to prosperity.

India's Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan depends on astrology to a significant degree. He is a follower of Numerology as well. Many of his cars have a nameplate numbered 555. His movie was a success in the cinema box office because it had the ID 555 on the scooter.

Amitabh Bachchan, the veteran actor, is an Iconic symbol of Indian cinema. He has received high accolades for his acting work. However, in the 2000s, he suffered from bankruptcy. He experienced an existential dilemma, and through astrology, he was able to get through to the other side. His belief in gemstones restored his humor and vitality. The ring is a combination of a sapphire crystal, an opal, and a diamond. He agrees that the ring had a positive impact on his life.

According to ancient Hindu scriptures, Sages or Gurus believed exams helped students achieve insight, wisdom, and understanding in their lives. We have been pursuing the method of testing every pupil in ancient times and still do so today. Thus, as we can see, exams are the foundation blocks of our modern form of education. The Hindu Goddess Saraswati is worshiped for knowledge, understanding, wisdom, art, and music. These tests, or we can say life’s examination brings about many opportunities in a person’s life.

Likewise, Akannksha Sharma has experienced many ups and downs in her life. 8 years ago, she started to learn Reiki and is eternally grateful to the God and her angel of light for this incredible gift. That moment was very significant in her life and guided her towards enlightenment. Her transformational journey started with alternative therapies, which later on helped her discover her life purpose.

Her path has been enriched with God's grace – which started off being a Reiki Grandmaster and continues to grow to be a Tarot and Angel card reader, Numerologist, Astrologist, Graphologist, Samudrik Shastri, Vastu Shastri, and various other modalities offering insights into daily life.

The World for Good Film Acting

If you wish to have a promising theatre career, you need to check various planets and their aspects in your birth charts!


This word is synonymous with an appealing appearance and attitude. Strong Venus not only offers continuity in your career as an actor but also lets you enjoy the outcomes of your hard work.


Native with heavy mercury shown in the horoscope is considered to have excellent talents that they can use in the real world. He possesses exceptional gestures, is exceptionally talented at responding to circumstances, and can be a great dancer. He is dynamic. People with strong mercury are often seen in theatres, with some more combinations and planetary aspects.


You must have the right mix of Venus and Mercury to become an actress, but You still need to possess a good Moon too become a celebrity. With the pure moon's strength, it is possible to win over millions by beauty, success, and charisma.


Sun also has a positive influence on the publicity industry, as it gives name, fame, success to the person.

Having said that, a great blend of all the planets plays a crucial role in anyone’s life to get success in the film industry.

Interview Series With Mrs. Akannksha Sharma

Question: First of all, tell me about yourself? Was it your hobby that declined you towards picking Astrology?

Answer: My story is a simple yet incredible tale, traditional but engrossing, mundane, but beautiful how it has unfolded over the years. I possess both a computer science degree and a business administration degree.

Since childhood, I had a curious mind towards horoscopes, zodiac signs, palmistry, etc., and was drawn further to know how stars/ planets play a role in someone's life. Why all of us are so different...? Why our behaviors vary? Why people chose different life paths...? Why few people become successful while others struggle...?

As I grew, I started reasoning these methodologies/ fields and looking at them through a scientific lens. Once I got convinced, and later, I got deeply in love with these subjects.

Question: From where did you get inspiration to become an astrologer for celebrities?

Answer: The Planets and Stars' location plays a crucial role in one's life, along with influencing our daily routines as well. Astrology has all the answers behind a person's rise or falls in popularity, name, fame & wealth. With correct astrological and numerological remedies and rituals, an actor can achieve success name and fame. Well, my life purpose has always been to bring a transformational change in peoples' lives, and I’m grateful to the Divine to be able to use all my knowledge, helping celebrities and every individual I meet. Over the years, I have been serving varied clientele from every walk of life, including celebrities, and am enjoying the journey so far.

Question: What role do numbers play in our lives? Especially in the lives of celebrities?

Answer: In today's world, achievement in tests and scoring well is vital for one's future. Numbers do play a significant role in our lives. Every number brings different energy from different planets; you must have observed many individuals (& celebrities) go for a name change. And after changing their names, they observe noticeable changes in their personal and professional life. We call this methodology of analyzing and changing numbers Numerology. With precise calculations, we can bring desired planet energy into one's life, and one can overcome obstacles one is facing in life.

Question: How can you relate spiritual intelligence and astrology?

Answer: Spiritual intelligence and astrology are quite related. In fact, without spiritual intelligence (like self-belief, positive mindset, meditation, self-reflection, faith in the Divine and Universal energies), astrology can't bring positive results to any individual's life. Remedies suggested through Astro analysis must be followed spiritually and diligently for maximum benefits.

Question: Do you believe in changing destiny? Or is it predetermined? If yes, how can you change it?

Answer: We all can shape our destiny – provided we act upon it. Time never stops; if we don't act on things we want in our life, then time will act on us – results (maybe not to your liking). So, it's the choice we make in our lives, how we want to shape our future, and how we want to shape our destiny.

Question: How accurate are the results of tarot card reading, palm reading wearing stones, etc.?

Answer: Tarot card readings are very accurate; when an individual asks any question, his angels, ancestors, and Universe guide him with some messages which help overcome problems he is currently facing. Palmistry is a profound science of understanding a person's nature, character, and mind & helps as a powerful counseling tool. Our palm lines change as we transform our life by changing our mindset, isn’t it amazing. Wearing stones can amplify the energy of specific planets and can bring fast changes in one's life. But the calculations and analysis to wear that stone need to be done in a very cautious manner, as wearing the correct stone can make a person, and wearing wrong can break one!

Question: List a few celebs, famous personalities whose future you predicted? Is there any prediction of the celebs that you are proud of? Just as one of the astrologers predict that Virat and Anushka will be blessed with a baby girl, and his prediction comes out to be true?

Answer: Sorry, clientele information is confidential.

Because of our work ethics, which is the confidentiality of all my clients' information, I can’t disclose any names.

Question: What is the modern take on astrology and future prediction?

Answer: I would say Astrology helps in understanding and helps in reasoning your problems in depth. Once you know the problem, it's up to the individual, like how he wants to move forward. Astrology is not magic, but a scientific method of analyzing your stars and real power to bring change (as I mentioned earlier) is in the individual's hand. Future predictions are nothing, but probabilities and these predictions can be changed based on one's action.

Question: Do astrology, Numerology, Reiki decide your destiny?

Answer: No, the power lies in the hand of individuals. Anyone can shape one's destiny if one decides to do self-work with dedication and utmost faith.

Question: What is the generic way of getting rid of problems with the help of astrology?

Answer: My recommendation is - first understand the problem and then have the will to act upon it. Simple! There is no generic way of getting rid of problems. Each individual's horoscope is absolutely unique and different & the analysis is done in a detailed manner, and remedies are suggested accordingly.

Question: How can one reach you if they want to know about their future?

Answer: Please visit my website, and one can book an appointment. Post your query; my support team can help in fixing an appointment and further confirmations. All my social media links are on my website; however, I am listing below few links for your quick reference.

Work page -

Personal Profile -

Instagram -

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Should You Apply Astrology?

You can change the direction where your life is going at any given moment, and astrology is simply a unique tool that can assist us tremendously in the path of your beautiful journey. Adding astrology is said and proven to bring about many opportunities and open new doors within your life.

As we all know, life is not easy, and there are many roads we can take, resulting in ups and downs. Situations make it easy to feel alone when in reality, that is the only perception. Astrology can aid in helping to create a much easier life for yourself and those around you. Ultimately, this can help to bring about happiness and the life you’ve dreamed of.

If you also want to shine bright in your life and make your destiny, Akannksha Sharma is the name, a professional, certified and Gold medallist in Astrology and Vastu-Shastra, tarot card reader, numerologist, face reader, palm reader, reiki expert who will help you in healing your problems by providing you with apt and magical solutions. She is the one who occupies a name and fame in Bollywood.

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