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Facts about Suhani Bhatnagar who played the role of Babita Phogat in “Dangal”

Dhwani Arora

When we talk about the movie 'Dangal,' we can't really fail to talk about the adorable little girl Suhani Bhatnagar, who played the character of the younger Babita Kumari and made the audience fall for her.

Sanya Malhotra has been in the headlines since she signed 'Dangal' for playing the role of adult Babita, but the role of Suhani cannot be overlooked. The similarly well-deserved actress Suhani Bhatnagar did not seem to have gained much coverage from the press or the public after the release of 'Dangal,' but Suhani proved her worth and ultimately did not always need paparazzi as a talent.

Let's go on to find out some lesser known facts about Suhani Bhatnagar, the sweet little starlet:

A Punjabi native of Faridabad, Haryana,

Bhatnagar was born into a Punjabi family in Faridabad, Haryana, 12 year old. She lives in Faridabad.

Educational curriculum

Suhani Bhatnagar is presently a Delhi High School student in Faridabad.

Encouragement from family

Suhani is fortunate in her life to have great parents. Any decision has always been endorsed by them.

Professional life Modelling

Long before making an appearance in 'Dangal', Suhani began her career with print modelling for brands including Monte Carlo.

Took six months of school leave for Dangal from school

Suhani told the media about the overwhelming reaction she got from her peer group in her school during her first day at school after the release of Dangal, and said that:

  • Today was my first day at school. The school had a distinct feeling. I received a lot of positive reviews from everybody and it was pretty overwhelming. It is commendable to have the amount of caring, respect and encouragement my teachers and principal have provided.
  • I had to take 6 months of leave for the preparation I was expected to go through, but I am grateful to everybody for being so helpful and I did not face any problems having them accepted.

Information about Suhani’s Dangal audition

Suhani shared the whole storey with the media about her selection for Babita's role and said:

"Somebody contacted me to offer me a trial for the Delhi auditions. I went there and got a call from Mukesh Chabbra, the casting director. I have been to Mumbai. He did a few scenes with Aamir Khan. He liked my acting ability, and I had to attend health and medical testing at the time, as the role wanted me to be a wrestler".

The main priority right now is my “Studies” says Suhani Bhatnagar in a recent interview

  • The actress was no longer seen in movies or TV since 'Dangal.' Suhani says that it matters most to her at this point of life to complete a simple education

  • I have done parties, runway shows and screenings, and I am only focused on my research right now as far as films are concerned. From now on, my focus is learning.

  • There is a lot of research pressure; with my studies it is impossible to do something at the same time. I shall proceed with my acting career after I have completed my studies.

"I was in standard 6 when Dangal came out, but at the time of school things had a bit hyped. But now, everything has returned to normal with time. I'm a kid who is just a school 10 grad. Teachers also inspire me to perform, and at school everything is fine. “Jaisa hona chahiye waisa hai”

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