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Lessons learnt from the year 2020

Dhwani Arora

2020 began with a lot of enthusiasm to meet endless expectations. After four years, it was the most anticipated year, since it was a leap year. The enthusiasm, optimism and determination all stopped due to the premature practises and events that occurred in this year, giving us many new lessons and enhancing our stamina in life.

Learn to be self-loving

Live life to the full

Live life to the full

Even though it was tough because we weren't actually able to leave our houses, yet somehow we managed to do so. We learned to take advantage of every single minute , may it be staying over-night after a long working day or binge different web-shows, installing dating apps and courageous swiping right (several times) or even taking a day off day to indulge in clay masks and screws. Enjoy the simple stuff

It might be the little bloom outside, the pigeons resting on the poles, or even the regular memes lying on your group talk. 2020 was the year when you could look forward to these little stuff. "We were delighted and felt fluffy, and we absolutely loved it" Spirituality Is Majestic 2020 has been a year to appreciate and to support our mental wellbeing. The mediation has played a significant role in reassuring us and in helping us cope with COVID-19 fatigue, anxiety and depression. Stop taking things for granted The losses that we had this year were absolutely unimaginable. We've had a record number of fatalities. We saw the widespread unemployment. We have missed things which were more important to us, like direct human contact or going out to different places as we used to. It was a wonderful lesson this year to really be glad for the things we're forgetting that we're going to live openly. Everything we have, it can be ripped away at a single glance. We ought to acknowledge our gifts, including the minor ones as well. Never pause the learning process

New talents, new languages, cooking styles, new art, new activities and new cultures are one of the greatest satisfaction of life. When the world was ending around us, we find opportunities to try to explore at home obsessively. We have been watching news programmes that have taken us further from. Fresh cuisine recipes that we haven't tackled, yet we have experimented with! Be prepared for the uncertainties One of the main priorities in the field of crisis situations is to develop a strategy that predicts the unexpected. We ought to let our everyday approach infiltrate some kind of thought. We can take the unexpected in phase if we take this path, and we can switch to a different path appropriate for the moment. A difficulty we can encounter is hard to predict, so if we change our mentality to anticipate problems, we would be more positioned to handle them, no matter how unpredictable they would be. For whatever lesson we need to remember, life seems to have this amazing way of supplying us with the right stuff. We often seem to take an inaccurate glance at this. We're not using it as a lesson. Pressure, bad experiences, or failure is all we see.

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