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Top 5 websites to create your acting or modelling profile

Dhwani Arora

The filmmaking industry has been rocked by wave after wave of technical revolution over the last twenty-five years. The rate of transition within the film industry has never been higher, from digital photography to the rise of CGI.

Perhaps the casting of websites has been one of the greatest additions to the manufacturing process. Casting sites increasingly drive the film industry online, helping productions interact with precisely the actors they are searching for, and vice versa.


Following are the websites to create your acting profile:

1) GlamHunt provides everyone with the most effective resources in becoming part of the world of glamour. By putting together talents from a variety of sectors, including actresses, models, designers, artists and other professionals. They have the requisite knowledge and forum to help you get to know the dynamic glamour industry. 


  • is the main talent marketplace for actors, performers and media, which encourages and helps members across the globe in becoming more famous.
  • They have their own registered consumer blog and magazine, by registering via it, you can send your profile to more than 3 million companies.


  • The only drawback that GlamHunt is having is the approval time, as the profile takes seven days to approve which is more time consuming as compared to the other sites. 

2) Backstage

Regardless of whether you are an actress, casting director, or representative of one of the many casting companies, communicating with several exceptional individuals as possible should be your basic purpose of using an acting website. A casting agent needs to see you, and you want to see an actor.


  • The site has a network of well over one million users and releases thousands of new positions per week.
  • It is based on almost 60 years of industry experience, serving many of the hardest hitters in the development of film, television, and theatre.


  • That said, unless you are trying to figure out is how to find free casting calls, acting websites such as Backstage might not be perfect.
  • You would need to be a member to apply for work on Backstage directly.


3) Actors Access

Actors Access is a website for acting which links actors and hiring agencies alike. Actors Access operates hand-in-hand with one of their related firms, Dissolution Express, to build a smooth connection between films and the talents they are searching for, formally part of a team of companies working together under framework of Breakdown Services, Ltd.


  • Access's main service is to allow actors to access casting disruptions, as created by casting agencies or casting managers through Breakdown Speech.
  • A casting dispute describes the roles to be performed for a film, along with a short explanation of the physical features appropriate for each role.


  • Under the free plan, any time you choose to make a cast call a performer will have to pay a $2.00 fee.
  • Perhaps this isn't the spot for you if you're looking for free casting calls.


4) Playbill

This list of casting locations is quickly recognized by Playbill, the largest corporation. When you go to the cinema, one of their famous yellow production magazines almost certainly went in. Yet Playbill is more than just a little book. It is the world's leading news outlet and a vital resource for stage and theatre performers.


  • Playbill changes their work board each day so that it can be one of the actors' most up to date websites.
  • If you see free casting in Playbill, be confident they are genuine, because Playbill workers are carefully testing their lists.


  • The only drawback is that Playbill does not provide a subscription portal, so you must take the material from the listing and make the effort to play your part through your own.

It's a slight downside but a lower price to pay for the overall low cost and high prestige of Playbill.


5) Now Casting

Though some of the best casting web sites on this list are not so well recognised, Casting is another place to find renowned career postings for actors. Our training helps actors take charge of their jobs, think about and how they integrate into the industry. With cutting edge demo reel, resume clip and audition distribution, we also offer services to top agents, administrators and production firms.


  • If you live outside of Los Angeles or are able to work, you would be delighted to learn that Now Casting gives free applications to every non-L.A. Audition.


  • However, if you wish to receive casting notices for projects within Los Angeles, you will need to buy one of the subscription services of Now Casting.

"Although websites make most of the heavy elevations, you should still check every online casting list. If you inquire for your social security number for "free casting call," you should actually record it and be far away"


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