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Top 10 Fashion Icons of All Time

Aarna Guha

Fashion – the word itself excites so many people. And even though we see new faces and fresh trends every season, we tend to go back to the classic. We have to say that the booming fashion industry wouldn’t be where it is now without the most iconic fashion icons. In this blog, we are going to talk about some celebrities who made a sensation due to their fashion sense. They have set trends that keep coming back.

These are some timeless beauties who have used their fashion choices to catapult them into fame and stardom. As they say, you are what you wear.

1Audrey Hepburn

If we are talking about fashionistas, we have to talk about Audrey Hepburn and her elegant, minimalist style. Be it her belted menswear button-down paired with a skirt, diamond earrings, 3-strand pearl necklace, oversized glasses, or LBD – we have always been awed by her style. Her choices reflect sophistication and class. You speak fashion icon, you speak Hepburn.

2Princess Diana

We have to talk about Princess Diana and her dressing sense when we are talking about fashion. With the series, Crown on Netflix, stylists and fashion icons across the world are once again scrutinizing and talking about how amazingly she used to dress and carry herself. The people’s princess' fashion sense evolved and how. From her gorgeous bridal gown or her off-shoulder black dress by Christina Stambolian, we can go on and on about how her fashion story evolved just like she did.


Fearlessness – yes, this word describes her fashion choices, which is quite different from that of the stars we have mentioned earlier. From flaunting a stack of jewelry to lacy undies worn as outerwear, she has managed to create a statement every time she stepped out of the house. Gloves, rosary beads, lace – all of these were a part of her amazing wardrobe.

4Kate Middleton

This is the newest fashion icon, representing the next generation of Princess Diana. Her fashion statement has been noticed by every fashion Guru across the world. From doing simple things such as repeating her clothes and buying from the inexpensive boutiques of London’s High Street to flaunting the “less is more” with such grace, we have always been in love with her.

5Diana Ross

Diana Ross- the maximalist. It was a lot later that people started to appreciate her fashion sense. We love how she carried fur stoles, sequins, and wide-brimmed hats with grace. She was one of the very few women of that era who used to flaunt extravagant wigs and sequined dresses.

6Katharine Hepburn

She was one of the first women to try men’s wear! Yes! For her, comfort has always been the priority. She made wearing men’s clothes a fashion and we appreciate her even now.

Her choices include wide-legged and high-waisted trousers, button-down blouses, and polished loafers. Her style reflected more power and less of the sultry vibe and we certainly dig for it.

7Elizabeth Taylor

She is a brand ambassador of “fearless” dressing as well. With glamour oozing from every corner of her style and outfits, she done deep necklines, feather boas, fur wraps, and stunning headpieces with such confidence. Nothing was too much for her and we love it.

8Grace Kelly

If you are a fashionista or take interest in fashion, then you should go through her iconic dresses. Her classic and sophisticated style helped her become a sensation and the “talking point” in no time. We still talk about her understated looks that included fuss-free designs, printed silk scarves, khakis, etc.

9Marilyn Monroe

Now, who spells sex appeal more than Monroe? She created a buzz in the fashion world and has got so much influence even now. Big platinum hair, satin dresses, red lips, high waisted bikinis – is there anything we don’t love about her? Will we ever get over her in that white dress? She has taught us to embrace our curves in style.

10Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

She became the talk of the town because of her chic yet simple dressing sense. We love her in Halston pillbox hats, elegant dresses, and more. She surely stirred the “conservative fashion” world.

Other noteworthy names in this regard are Bettie Page, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, and Jackie O. The fashion industry is huge and it has evolved over years. But can we let go of these iconic beauties? No! They are classic and still influence the fashion world in a great manner. So these are our top 10 picks. What are yours?

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