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Rise of slow fashion after covid-19 reasons why we should adopt slow fashion

Ritika Kulkarni

Slow fashion is a recently coined term, but in reality, it has been making rounds for since long. Slow fashion can be thought opposite of fast fashion and is considered to be more caring, calm, and definitely serves as a better alternative to its fast-fashion counterparts with their own rules of hurriedness and harm. But in the recent past, slow fashion has taken a plunge and gained considerable traction and is continuing to rise after the world was struck by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Whist fashion is manufactured hurriedly and brought into the market with a tremendous speed; slow fashion pays heed to all the ethical factors of maintaining the quality, care, sourcing, and longevity of the clothing's life. Though various reasons have made slow fashion timeless, here we list down the top reasons why slow fashion is on a continual rise:

Shake hands with global causes

Pollution is a demon that we have been fighting over the years, and you will be surprised to know that textile dyeing industries have a major hand in contributing to water pollution. Thus, by opting for slow and sustainable fashion, you shake hands with brands that reduce pollution and consider reusing the dye water for a better planet.

Fair working environment

Many manufacturers tend to deprive their workers of a proper working environment and tend to lower down the prices of the clothing by cutting down the workers' fundamental rights. We are sure that no one would like to wear something that has a history that tortures the workers, especially in this time while people should help each other, no matter how trendy and stylish the clothes are. By adhering oneself to the slow fashion, you indirectly support workers who are given a safe working atmosphere to earn their livelihood.

Show love to animals. 

Animal skin being used as raw material for clothes is no more a story undercover; we all know that animal cruelty does happen in the fashion industry. But not all manufacturers and industry are the same; by following slow fashion, you make sure that every apparel you get is Peta-approved and lets you support the animal welfare cause indirectly.

They are eco-friendly

We are adept at staying back at home, and cutting down the pollution has really worked out wonders overtime during the lockdown period. To our surprise, we have seen the skies getting clearer, the airless polluted, seas and oceans less polluted, and the return of marine and other animals back to shore. All this happened due to pollution reduction, which is a global concern these days and treats Mother nature right. When you support sustainable fashion, you are actually eco-friendly as you tend to adopt ways to lower down pollution setting an example for the future generation.

Support for small businesses

With COVID 19 taking a toll on businesses and enterprises worldwide, it is our duty to help businesses survive in tough times. While fast fashion tends to be a bi-product of brands and big sized businesses, slow fashion comes from small businesses. Hence, whilst purchasing slow fashion apparel, you indirectly tend to support the small businesses which are somehow managing to maintain their existence in the market.

A minimalistic approach

Gone are those days when you had to be too dressy to show your status and style; these days, ‘less is more’ is the current go. Another advantage of following the slow fashion trend is that It allows you to be minimalistic yet stylish in your approach. No more are you required to hit your heads to think about the designs and patterns in and out of fashion as slow fashion allows you to opt for a minimalistic and sustainable fashion that can be donned on for years.

Money savior

During these tough times, we have learned to save money as everyone was forced to sit back at their home and survive with what they had. In such a condition, savings helped people survive, teaching lessons on how important it is to save money to meet any unwelcome situation. And, slow fashion lets you save some of your bucks as they are comparatively cheaper than their fast-fashion counterparts. Not only do you buy less with a motto of supporting slow fashion, but you also end up saving money in the long run.

Saves water

Fast fashion stands out to be an industry that uses water in abundance. Firstly, when you talk about cotton, it consumes a lot of water for growing, and secondly, it requires an equivalent amount for manufacturing purposes.

Slow fashion tries its best to cut down cotton usage for the manufacturing of clothes. Instead, it gives the nod to using organic cotton that comparatively uses 71% less water than traditional cotton. On the other hand, slow fashion also promotes using other materials such as linen, hemp, etc., for manufacturing clothes that do not consume water in such a large quantity. So ultimately, choosing slow fashion over fast fashion also lets you save water for a global cause.

So now, since you know all the goody-good things about what slow fashion brings to you- what are you waiting for? Get set and adopt the slow fashion trend to bring a change and revolution in this materialistic world!

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