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Revolutionizing pregnancy style- tips and tricks for maternity style inspiration

Ritika Kulkarni

When you are expecting, dressing and styling up is a huge challenge to cater even for the trendiest moms who are known to be a complete fashion chic. It’s a phase that transforms your curves into bulges and leaves you in a state where you have nothing to wear that fits you well. Dressing stylishly during those nine months when your body faces a continuous expanse can prove to be a tricky task. But if you are someone who is particular about styling up, even pregnancy can’t steal those styling and dolling rights from you. All you are required to do is to have a fashion sense powered with some smart ideas so that you do not have to sacrifice your style during maternity days.

So here are a few tips and tricks that you can try out to stay like a chic and inspire others while you enjoy the initial days of motherhood:


Buy things that can grow with you

We all know that pregnancy is all about expanding and growing up, so in this phase, when you are an inch or a centimeter bigger than yesterday, shop for clothes that can grow with you simultaneously. Try including skirts, jeans, pants, etc., that come with super elastic and flexible waistbands so that it can sit under your belly comfortably.


Do not ditch jeans

A few would-be mommies feel that they should consider ditching their pieces of denim during pregnancy. It is a total wrong misconception; instead, one should consider investing in a good pair of jeans to stay stylish and feel fantastic during the early motherhood days. Consider building the perfect balance between a heavy top and bottom by donning on a cropped or skinny jeans and top fabrics that allow a great fall.


Try layering

A few believe that layering can make you look bulkier, but it is the other way round if you happen to do it the right way. Consider wearing V- neck, boat-shaped, and scoop-necked tops as they help in framing your face well during pregnancy. Make sure that you check out your proportion and accordingly apply the layering hack to walk in style.


Prints and colors

Adhering to monochromatic colors when you have to pick on prints is a smart way to style yourself during pregnancy. But do not skip your favorites- pink, green, yellow, red- they are all for you to try! Go for small prints as they can help in synchronizing your body shape in a virtual and aesthetically pleasing linear plane.



Pairing your maternity dresses with the right accessories is a mandatory affair to stay at the top of maternity fashion. With the dresses should come the right type of accessories. May it is the scarves or shoes and even belts, a would-be mom should have all the right accessories the alleviate her looks while she pairs these accessories with her dresses for a perfect ready look. Also, do not forget to get some designer shrugs and coats to cover the baby bump whenever required. While a mom-to-be can pick up any kind of scarf fabrics with prints of her choice, one should be very careful while picking up on the shoes to maximize the comfort level while they tiptoe out of their house.


Comfort is everything

A would-be mom has to face a lot of mood swings and pains here and there, so make sure that your clothing does not add to your inconvenience and pains. Thus make sure that you pick on clothes that make you look stylish and comfortable at the same time. We suggest that you should never go in for wearing something that can cause you the slightest discomfort. Pregnancy already comes with lots of distress, and comfortable apparels can let you go a bit easy. So do not fall for those tight and close fits; instead, go for some plus size yet stylish pieces to adorn yourself even while you are expanding.


Softy soft clothes

As mentioned above, comfortable clothes area must staple for would-be mommies but apart from the comfy feel, also go in for adding some soft clothes to your wardrobe. Chiffon, crepe, cotton, georgette can treat your skin right and can easily fit you when you wear them. So give a thumbs up to soft fabrics and keep all those party wear and shimmery clothes for later on purpose.


Gone are those days when maternity day dresses were all about loose fit and tent-like dresses. With the fashion industry revolutionizing with each passing day, there are lots and lots of trendy dresses that have come to the forefront to sweep off those maxi dresses. So do not let pregnancy ruin your vogue, and try the above-mentioned hacks to flaunt your maternity style.

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