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Impact of Fashion Influencers on Your Wardrobe

Aarna Guha

In today’s era, while we always scroll down social media such as Instagram, you must know that your shopping choices are being influenced by social media influencers in one way or the other. From creative content to coupon codes, the best ones have so much to offer including reviews. People tend to trust them more than stars.

This, in turn, is surely making you inclined towards certain brands of cosmetics, luxury wear, skincare products, etc. The fashion world is more impacted as compared to others, because of the glitz and glamour that the social media influencer brings to it. People trust them more as well than celebrities.

Influencer marketing is bringing in great ROI and we believe that it is here to stay. The campaigns are creative and are so relatable, isn’t it? Brands choose influencers on the basis of genre, the kind of audience they want to cater to, etc. The way they are tying up with influencers, it could be said that the impact is more than celebrities. They surely have an influence on the products you use. You surely have seen the option of “swipe up” to get discounts.

Brands can appeal to a wider audience and a study has said that people rely on influencers more than celebrities when it comes to making a purchase. With funny and creative content, they tell us a story that makes us take the right purchase decision.

The best part is that indigenous and small home-based brands can also make it big with the help of social media. The reach of social media is often neglected and this is the reason why you should make the most of the powerful platforms.

When one’s favourite fashion influencer is suggesting an item, customers tend to show impulsive buying behaviour, which is profitable by companies far and wide. The best part about the influence is that it evens motivates an overweight person to try out trending clothes. Body positivity forms a major part of this. Instagrammers also use Facebook, YouTube channels, and much more to promote their favourite brands.

Fashion influencers have a major impact on impulsive buying behaviour. Here are some of them:

1Online Impulsive Buying Behaviour

From local designers to huge brands, fashion bloggers compel customers to make an impulsive buying decision, that is buying a product without prior planning. They also give promo codes so that you can avail discounts while buying from a particular link. Instagram has created excellent opportunities for small as well as big fashion brands.

Instagram has created exceptional opportunities for all fashion brands. They attract people with engaging stories, branded hashtags, shoppable ads, and videos.

2Pure Impulse Buying

This is a buying decision that is made due to emotional overflow. This is different from the individual’s usual buying habits. This is generally done without much thinking, within a few minutes.

3Reminder Impulse Buying

We all see constant ads of products we have earlier checked out, right? Thus, reminder impulse buying is another way social media is influencing your wardrobe. 

4Suggestion Impulse Buying

Influencers sometimes suffer items that you had no idea about. Consumers often realize that they need the product after going through the post made by the influencer. This is a suggestion for impulse buying. It is in contrast to pure impulse buying.

5Planned Impulse Buying

Consumers make this purchase without planning. This happens when people has certain items to buy in mind but is still going through other things to get more discounts, etc.

So these are the various kinds of buying decisions. The impact of social media influencers is huge.

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