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How to look glamorous in every photo.

Ritika Kulkarni

Nowadays as you know we have cameras everywhere on our mobile, computers and even on our doorbells. And not only that but Social media has become most of the important things for this generation. So we need to make sure that we look best in every photo. You don't want to pose bad for photos right. So today I have all the tips that will help you to look glamorous in every photo. So make sure to read this article till last and apply all the tips during the photo shoot. After reading this article, you will look glamorous in every photo.

1Improve Posture

We look bad in photos, especially when we have bad posture. When you stand up straight make sure that you look good on camera. If your shoulders are pushed forward you gonna look terrible. You're gonna have to push your shoulder back, chest out, and stand straight and your chin slightly forward. This tip will help you a lot.

2Find Your angles

Why do we need to find angles, and what does it mean? Everyone's face, everyone's body is different. So you need to know that what is your best feature is it your eye? is it your hair? is it your jawline? maybe your height?. Then once you know that you can play them up to your advantage. If you have a really strong jaw make sure that it is visible in the photo, nice eye, and maybe closeup so the people can see them properly and how do you understand the angles. Well, you have to practice getting close to the mirror and practice your angle. It's gonna be a little weird, you look good, you look bad but look there in which angle you look perfect and take a selfie there. Every model does this to understand their angle so they can show their angles while taking photos.

3Always Face The Light

Lighting is the most important thing in photos and videos. You need the light coming from the window or from another artificial lighting to fill your face because that's gonna get rid of horrible dark circles and eye bags. We all have some types but you get rid of shadows, make your face and your skin more clear and smooth. Before clicking the photo do this trick to immediately make you look more attractive. Take out your phone and turn into selfie mode and then do a 360° to find out what direction you should face the best light possible. We just make sure that you're facing a good light direction when taking photos. Lots of people, professionals say that lighting is everything, without lighting we just don't look good.

4Tell A Story

You have always thought about the purpose of the photo. What is the story behind it? Lots of guys can look good in photos when you have a story when you show people there is more behind the photo. Then you win the game. For example, you upload any photo just a random selfie or whatever you want, in a caption you talked about sweats all day, every day. It could be a boring photo but because you are talking about something that all of us are doing. Then it's a relatable picture, it tells a story.

5Master 3 - 5 Poses

Learn 3 to 5 poses and master them. This is the best way to look great during the photo shoot. For example like walking poses, holding sunglasses, hands together, fingers on hairs that poses will help you a lot. Don't take photos just facing the camera directly because it's boring and doesn't feel interesting. Add your new pose or try always something different. It's always good to try.

6Smile More

Use your smile. There are so many people who never ever smile at you, are you sad?. No then show a little bit more personality. Let it shine, be pretty self-conscious about your smile. You just do not look good while smiling for whatever reason. Look down when you smile in photos at first. That way you can slowly get more comfortable with how you look when you smile in photos. So looking down smiling then slowly bring your chin up and to you happy with how you look and three practice smiling in front of the mirror for a few minutes. Learn what your smile looks like. Do you show your bottom or top teeth? Do you smile too big or too small? Do your eyes close up when you smile? Practice until you have perfect it and then use it in photos to show people to know you are not boring, you are not bad, you are not sad, you are a happy dude and people want to be around you and your smile because of that.

7No Sitting and Slouching

Be very careful when taking photos sitting down. Do not slouch because that look doesn't make a photo perfect. Make sure you always sit with your back straight and your shoulders back unless you are trying a different moody pose. Those might work but most of the time you need to make sure that your back is super straight.

8Learn To Edit Your Photo

Probably the most important tip of this article is to learn to edit your photos whether it's on your phone, laptop, get apps like snapseed, lightroom, etc. And learn to play around with color, brightness, and contrast. So you can take your photos to the next level. It's crazy because sometimes when you take a photo and absolutely hate it and then go home and plug into these editing apps and then the photos look completely different. It is just insane how much good different editing makes so. Learn to use this app to your advantage. Nowadays everyone edits their photos. The secret is not to make yourself look like someone else, it's just the best version of yourself. Don't go overboard, don't change your appearance, your physical appearance. Don't over-edit your photo as it will look weird and anyone can determine that you edit the photo.

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