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How to Dress Like the Rich (Without Actually Being Rich)

Hansika Vaid

Do you have to come from money to look the part? How can you look rich without burning a hole in your pocket?

There’s a difference between being rich and dressing like the rich. Some of the fashion influencers you see and admire, are not loaded as they might like you to believe. They often find some of their best outfits at thrift stores or a local bazaar. But they know how to work different outfits and style them to look like they come from royalty.

In this article, we help you with some tips on how to look classy and like a million bucks, while actually being pocket smart.

1.No Logos

Displaying logos on your clothing looks nothing but tacky and like you’re trying too hard. Think about it, if you were a millionaire would you have to try to look like one? Or just effortlessly ooze being boujie? Make sure your clothes or accessories aren’t crowded with logos.

2. Wear your Pearls

If you’re a girl, nothing says class like a classic strand of pearls. Make sure they’re not over the top. They are a subtle way to add a touch of sophistication to your look. Do not over accessorize. Keep it minimal.

3. Oversized sunglasses

This is an all time favourite accessory of celebrities. Its rare that you’ll see one of them without shades either on their face or perched on their head.

4. Watch it

Always wear a wristwatch. It makes you look smart and sharp. Pick a colour and design that goes with everything.

5. Choose your fabric

Pick fabrics that don’t wrinkle easy. Silk, satin, and cashmere are some high quality fabrics to choose from. No matter how basic a piece is, it always looks classy if its made of one of these fabrics.

6. Cinch it

Cinch an oversized trench coat or a class button down to elevate your style quotient.

7. Dark Denim

Dark denim looks sleek and expensive. They are dressier than light denims. This is a great choice for a casual look while still looking chic. Make sure your jeans fit you well.

8. Neutral tones

Wear neutral colours like beige, camel, off-white and mix and match these to create pairs. This gives you an overall luxurious look no matter what the outfit.

9. Simple shoes

For women, simple toe-pointed pumps will do. You just cannot go wrong with them. They will match almost everything in your wardrobe and add that much welcome touch of class to your attire.

10. Play with structured shapes

Long coats, straight-leg boyfriend jeans, or boxy handbags; all of these are great to create a simple silhouette which is synonymous with timeless style. If you’re someone who believes in ‘less is more’, this is definitely a look you need to try.

Do you have any favourite tips or tricks to look rich and classy? Comment down below and share them with us. In case you try any of our tips, do share this blog with your community and keep coming back for more!

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