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How to become a fashion model- A guide to success

Ritika Kulkarni

Do you wish to pick up modelling as your dream career? Do you always try to imitate your favorite supermodel and fantasize about walking in their shoes? Fashion modelling is a much talked about career, and there are thousands of models who dream of becoming a successful supermodel. But the sad reality is not everyone can attain that spot as it needs a lot of patience, perseverance, efforts, and above all right strategies and plans to make oneself stand out amongst the crowd. So are you someone who wants to feature yourself on one of the top magazine cover pages? So here is a quick guide that can help you out in incredible ways to become a fashionista top class model:

Agency matters

To work as a fashion model, firstly, you need to search for an authentic agency for which you can work to accomplish your dreams. Ensure that the agency you pick on doesn’t charge you an upfront fee or is hideous regarding their terms and policies while signing the deal in black and white. So be very cautious while doing your search and get in touch with an agency that does not land you down in any trouble or forces you to compromise.

Get a quintessential portfolio

The first impression is the last impression is a saying that we have heard since childhood, and modelling is no exception wherein your portfolio is the first thing that the agency people may scrutinize. To become a top-class model, one has to own a top-notch portfolio at first. The portfolio should be such that it highlights the details of the model so that all her strong points come out strong and hides off all the flaws to mark your first impression among the agency authorities. So get your portfolio done right to climb the ladder of success in the modelling industry.

Take rejections in a positive spirit

You cannot succeed all the time, and you need to be mentally prepared for the same. Rejections are part and parcel of life, and to reach a top spot in modelling career, one also has to stay prepared for rejections and non-acceptance (a lot of them). Except a few doors to be shut on your face when you move ahead in your modelling journey, but one needs to have the courage to move ahead of it without giving it a second thought. Learn to accept “No’s” because even the top models must have faced knock backs

multiple times, but if they sat with their heads in hands, they wouldn’t have reached wherever they are now. So take rejections as a challenge and keep leaping ahead because slow and steady wins the race.

Make yourself better day by day

Modelling is all about looking good and flaunting the best part of you. And, in order to be modelling-ready, one needs to take care of themselves in every aspect. May it be your skin, health, body weight, hair, you need to take care of all these aspects to look good and better with each passing day. Modelling is a lot based on aesthetics, and you should take proper care of your features and aesthetics to display your charm and beauty wherever you go.

Stay professional

Getting inside the modelling industry is not a piece of cakewalk, and thus one should be highly professional in their approach. Even the slightest of a mistake can cost you high in terms of losing a modelling project, so do not ignore emails, voicemails, phone calls, etc., and be prompt with your response. Also, be very particular about timings and punctuality, do not make excuses for turning out late for a photoshoot, instead try to be early to express your punctuality attribute.

Practice, practice, and practice

Practice makes a man perfect, and the same stands true in the modelling industry. A few twirls and twists while doing a catwalk in front of the judges will not earn you deals and projects. There may have been umpteen number of models who must have done the same, but the catch lies in doing the same in an effortless ye perfect manner to win the hearts of the judges or panel team. So one should get enough practice before the big day so that they seem to be confident and stylish enough while they walk down the ramp.


So these were a few things that every aspiring model should focus on to achieve a milestone on the path of success in the modelling industry. Above all being yourself also stands as one of the most vital moves to bring your inside out. So are you someone aspiring to make a name in the modelling profession? Do try out these tips and see how luck starts favoring you once you adopt these quick tips to embrace yourself.

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