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Flattering and Chic Haircuts for Different Face Shapes

Aarna Guha

Your haircut can flatter your face in more ways than you think. A regular chic haircut can elevate your personality and can lift your confidence manifolds. Our mane is one of the best assets we have. It is just amazing how it affects our overall face and features. A wrong haircut can be horrendous and can spoil your overall look and outfit. However, most of you don’t get a haircut done unless you are looking horrible, noticing split ends or you can’t just handle the length anymore. You often don’t give importance to your haircut and end up looking unprofessional and untidy. These days, you have to pay importance to being groomed and neat. But yes, while choosing a haircut, we would always suggest you go for a cut that suits your face rather than taking a screenshot of a trending cut and showing it to your stylist. Trust us, a cut that flatters Jennifer Aniston might not necessarily suit your face. Also, you MUST keep your personality in mind while picking a cut.

Now coming to one of the major questions – which haircut is apt for your face? Which one will complement your features and make it look even better?

Here are some of the most common haircuts suitable for each face shape. So to look classy and stylish, please pay attention so that you know what to tell your hairstylist the next time you visit.

Some of the types of face shapes are oval, round, diamond, elongated, etc.


If you are a lucky girl, then you may have been blessed with an oval face. It surely is a flattering face shape and various kinds of haircuts will suit you. If you have a wide forehead, then also we have some options for you. An oval face shape looks amazing because of its balance and symmetry. Most haircuts look amazing on this particular face shape! However, we wouldn’t suggest you go for edges and bangs as these cuts might hide some parts of your face, which in turn, will make it look rounder. A short crop will flatter you to a huge extent. You can even choose long locks so that you look sophisticated and fashionable. If you are more into short hair, then it is recommended that you go for a blunt bob or lob with muted layers.

If you are a woman who can’t do without length irrespective of the trend, then please opt for minimal layers. This would look fantastic on your face.

2Rectangle Faces

This is a quite difficult face shape as you need a cut to soften the sharp jaw and forehead area of your face. Not every haircut would go well on this. The issue with rectangle face shape is that you have to work on softening it as otherwise, it will elongate the face even more. You should go for a soft layered cut! You shouldn’t go for styles that are way too long. For a longer length, opt for soft waves or curls that will add volume as well as mute the sharp angles of your face. If there is a special occasion and you want to go for hair updos, then make sure you choose romantic chignons! Ask the stylist to hide your strong and edgy jaws, so that you look better! Do not opt for bunt cut or square bangs.

3Square Faces

We know a lot of women who struggle with a square-shaped face! But trust us, with the right haircut, you can actually work on it in various ways. If you have wide cheekbones and a rough jawline, then you need to select a cut that will soften the same. With the right haircut, you would be able to achieve desirable features. You may also have a wide forehead, which is a pretty big factor when it comes to selecting cuts! Go for long and airy layers or a short and chic layered bob. You should also add some side-swept bangs for that extra drama! If you love being extra, please go for this.

4Heart Faces

If you have a face in a heart-shape, you must have a narrow jawline and chin. Thus, your stylist must try to bring balance and symmetry into your otherwise stunning face. You should choose a cut that has the ability to reduce brow width and boost the width of the lower half of the face.

Choose anything between a long side-swept cut or a side-parted pixie cut.

While the first one will hide your broad forehead, the latter will add appeal to your heart-shaped face. You can also go for bob or lob if you want to try something different.

So these are some of the cuts that will flatter different kinds of face shapes. We hope that you will now pick the best bet!

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