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11 Styles that You Should Bid Goodbye to This Year

Aarna Guha

Fashion is always evolving and that is the probably best thing about it. Trends come and go and then make a solid comeback again. In this blog, we are going to talk about some shitty trends that need to escape in 2021. We have been there, done that but not anymore. These are some of the trends that have a high possibility to fade this year, and for the better.

Since 2020 was such a disappointing year, we have all the more reasons to look forward to the fashion of 2021.

We firmly believe that these trends wouldn’t stick around in 2021!

1Low rise Jeans

As uncomfortable as they are, they were already fading in 2020. This year, it is time to get rid of those low-waist jeans that make you self-conscious! Absolutely a no-no for people with tummy. They are extremely uncomfortable to wear with cute tops! Instead, invest in a pair of mid-waist or high-waist jeans that make us feel good about ourselves. They also enable us to flaunt a better shape.

2Tiny bags or “micro bags”

Now we will talk about a very important accessory – something we cannot do without. Yes, bags! Gone are the days when people used to carry micro bags, which do not even have the room for basic necessities. Also, now we have to carry so many extra things, such as sanitizers and masks apart from the purse, keys, handkerchief, and cell phone. It makes no sense to buy a tiny bag that barely holds your phone –forget your money and mobile! Instead, invest in cute yet practical roomy bags. It is very important that you put your money to good use. The trend was unnecessary and was mainly seen on the red carpet.

3Latex outfits

Thanks to the Kardashians for introducing this trend all of a sudden. While following Kim and her sisters is a trend now, let us be honest – latex is too uncomfy for us. Why spend your hard-earned money on items that you can barely wear for a day or two? This is why there is no point in following a trend blindly. Also, isn’t it better to get something in faux leather? It is more comfortable and can be worn often. Time to bid goodbye to these latex outfits this year.

4Cargo Pants

Yes, we all own a pair or two. Yes, we have all worn them. But 2021 is definitely not the year to flaunt them. They are overused and overhyped. Bubye, cargo pants.

5Long and Loose shorts

This was also a rage in 2018 and 2019. Even if you have don them in the past years, the evolving fashion doesn't need them anymore. Also, they do not flatter your shape in any way. Instead, watch out for cute micro mini skirts. They are making a massive comeback this year.


Are they suffocating? Yes. Do you own them? Yes. Do you like wearing them? No. Well, that answers all of your questions. They do not complement all pants and most importantly, they are suffocating. They also do not make everyone look cute. It is time to say goodbye to your turtlenecks.

7Bell Sleeves

Never was a fan of it. Still, it had been there for quite some time. The tops with bell sleeves are definitely good for retro-themed parties. We would suggest you keep a couple in your closet and get rid of the rest. It is not very practical as it can get stuck anywhere.

8Ruffled/Tiered Clothing

Although they made a comeback and enjoyed their sweet time, 2021 is the time to show them the exit gate. They are not very comfortable and not flattering as well.

9Slim Sunglasses

Back to a very necessary accessory – gone are the days when people used to flaunt impractical slim shades. There is no point. The teeny-tiny frames would hardly safeguard your eyes from the sin. Don’t know why they were ever there! Pretty silly. Invest in quality and big sunglasses. Go for face-fitting frames.

10Cold-Shoulder Tops

We all have worn them at some point in time. But yes, they are just old-fashioned now. It is time to get rid of all your cold-shoulder tops and bloused. They don't look classy anymore. This year, flaunt high necklines. They look sophisticated and can be worn anywhere, and at anytime. It is making headlines and is all over Instagram as well.


Why did it even make a comeback? Never liked it anyway. But thankfully, they are disappearing. Instead, you can wear savvy trench coats. They are sexy and are being worn by celebs across the world. It is all over the mall. They will keep you warm and make you look fashionable. Also, it is unisex.

So these are some of the outfits that arent happening this year. There are a few others as well, such as waistcoats, high heels, clinch belts, animal print, chunky shoes, etc. Keep an eye on this blog section to know more.

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