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Why OTT platforms have been trending in 2020?

Ritika Kulkarni

Change and development are the essences of almost all the industry, and the entertainment sector is no exception.  With continuous advancements in technology, the entertainment industry has also faced constant trend changes, with the OTT platform being the top trending reinvention in this stream. Especially when you talk about the year 2020, OTT platforms have crossed the benchmark set by them in the previous years, and its charm is not going to fade away anytime soon. With the multiple numbers of advantages it offers to its customers starting right from convenience to feasible packages and a lot more; OTT platforms have surpassed all the hurdles to make history. So here are a few reasons why OTT platforms were trending in 2020:


A rescue for lockdown

One of the most unexpected things that came in 2020 was the outburst of the novel coronavirus followed by lockdown, which will never be forgotten by the generations who have faced it. Almost every country adopted the lockdown method to restrict the spread of the virus, leaving people with no work at all stuck in their homes. 

OTT platforms served as a rescue element for people who were forced to stay back at home. With the population locked inside their respective houses, OTT offered a mode of recreation and a way to break life's monotony. Ranging from web series to movies and a lot more, OTT has been a continuous hit in 2020, witnessing a hike in users' number.


The world at your fingertips

OTT platforms are known for breaking the barriers and have brought the world closer. Now no more are there any restrictions for a person residing in one country to watch another region or country. OTT platforms have brought the world closer in terms of content distribution. OTT allows its users to enjoy global shows as never before.


Affordable subscriptions

OTT platform subscriptions do not cost you a fortune and are available at pocket-friendly prices. Apart from the shows and movies that can only be watched once you purchase the subscription, OTT platforms also offer free movies and shows that can be enjoyed without a subscription.

They also facilitate the customers by offering discounts on the purchase of a yearly subscription. On the contrary, if you do not find giving a thumbs up for an annual subscription or do not consider investing a significant amount for a yearly purchase, you can also consider purchasing monthly or quarterly plans as per your preference.


Allows viewing across several platforms

One of the best advantages of the OTT platform is that you do not have to sit in front of your TV all the time to watch your favorite movie or show. Also, you are not required to pray for good weather so that the raindrops do not spoil the dish antenna to cause any hindrance during the telecast.

OTT platforms allow you to watch your favorite shows on laptops, mobile phones, smart TV, and other platforms to ease viewing. Also, various platforms allow multiple screen access (usually 3 to 5) with just one subscription purchase.


Flexible options

Unlike the DTH plans and cable subscriptions, where you are required to choose between the various channels and accordingly pay for the number of channels you want to view, OTT has one subscription access. Using OTT platforms, the user can view everything available on that particular platform with a one-time subscription for the time duration they have purchased it (monthly/quarterly/ yearly). The terms and conditions are also easy and do not hit around the bushes to confuse the users.


Easy payment options

When you purchase a cable subscription plan, you may have limited options for making the payments. But OTT platform fledges you with numerous options for purchasing the subscriptions. Ranging from internet banking to Paytm, online payments, app wallets, etc., you can pick up any one of the options to make instant payments.

The subscriber gets beforehand notifications regarding the expiry of their plans so that they can recharge them on time from the comfort of their home to enjoy unlimited shows and what the platform has to offer you. Also, you get to enjoy uninterrupted services until and unless you lose your internet connection, unlike the TV subscription which forces you to run to your cable operator when the signals and services get disrupted and spoil your mood while watching your favorite shows.


Creative and worth watching content

Another major reason which has forced people to switch on to OTT platforms is the fact that it contains creative, fresh and original contents worth watching. Ranging from movies to web series and shows, you get to watch almost anything over OTT platforms. These platforms have risen above the old traditional and boring content to come up with fresh contents that keeps one engrossed and stay connected till the end. One can also create their own wish list or playlist of their kind of shows to enjoy them as per their convenience.


Ease and convenience of usage

One of the best features of OTT platforms is that you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere. You cannot drag your TV set to the office to enjoy a series during the break, but you can consider binge-watching even at your office when you sip your cup of coffee. You can take your mobile phones anywhere and enjoy your favorite shows just by having a stable internet connection and subscription.



These were a few reasons why OTT platforms have attained a top spot in 2020 and will continue to exhibit their functionality and importance in the years to come. With OTT, watching whenever, wherever is no more a dream as these platforms get you an easy go lucky way to treat yourself with your favorite binge-watch.

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Why OTT platforms have been trending in 2020?

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