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Viral Memes From The Year 2020

Dhwani Arora

2020 was the year of Meme prototypes that suit all conditions accordingly. Many of these memes were being wholly or partly linked to COVID 19 since it has been a big part of the lives of people in 2020 for more than six months.

As this year ends, here are some memes that scatter across the net, like fires that inspire people and occupy them.


Rasode Mein Kon Tha

Rasode Mein Kon Tha is a meme template that has taken over India's Twitter. This meme began with Yashraj Mukhate making an addictive musical piece using a dialect from the serial, Saath Nibhaana Saathiya. This genre of music broke the network and soon created a bunch of articles about the show, its actors and the popular Rasode Mein Kon Tha dialogue.


Coffin Dancers 

The highlight of 2020, with the year beginning, was coffin dancers, also known as dancing pallbearers. This meme is linked to a group of ethiopian mourners who dance while carrying the funeral coffin. The four men controlled the Web as their pictures became innovative. Every unsafe or dangerous thing was related to these dancers.


Facial features during 2020

In July 2020, this meme became trendy as people sought to explain how their year with the coronavirus so far has been. Many of these sources suggested that it was an interesting beginning in 2020, but it went up in weeks with the COVID-19 gaining hold of the planet. This pattern was popular among the public figures who mentioned their living in the lock-down. 


Lockdown memes

The coronavirus pandemic caused national lockdowns around the world, and this has presented the world with a tremendous incentive for innovation. People used these copies to denounce the manner in which lock-down has significantly altered their life. These lock-down memes are still created and shared today.


Among us

Social media is overwhelming with memories of this trending game. The aim of this game is to locate and remove imperials in a group of cremates on a starship. Thus players have used many posts from among us to their profiles in social media. Even today, this meme template is significant, as most users are linked to the game.


My expectation versus 2020

Did you planned 2020? Yes, we all did. When the devastating bush fires around Australia and a worldwide pandemic took place in many nations this year, people went on the Internet to demonstrate their deception over the meme of 'My plans versus 2020.' It was an ideal way for people to unleash their tensions until 2020 and all the preparations that were washed down. 


Nature is healing

It was time for nature to kick back and chill with everybody locked-up in. Over all, when people are out there, people make it almost worse. Air emission levels began to decline as everybody worked and studied from home, and wild animals walked in some cities (Maybe to verify if people have abandoned the world or what). Some also commented about human beings as the real viruses on planet, and nature appears to be curing without us.


How it began vs how it's going

The web went ahead with another funny meme, somewhere with time passing, and the whole span of March until October felt like 100 years. The 'how it began vs. how it's going' compares the emotions and feelings of everyone at the beginning of the year to how you felt in the core of the coronavirus pandemic. Famous figures was using the template to illustrate their accomplishments.


Everything is cake

Although in 2020 everyone was dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, a tiny section of the globe became a dessert. The cake is it? During summer, this meme inundated the users feeds on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other social networks. The Meme was made up of videos from realistic things such as shoes, bags and even human limbs sliced into a knife to disclose that they were made of only chocolate. Some shocking, some ridiculous, all questions being made reality. What if this was made from cake? The movement has also brought in a variety of spoofs.

Memes are a trendy aspect of our everyday lives. There isn't a single user of the internet world that doesn't run across trendy stuff. They are an aspect of our ordinary and dull living.

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