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Top trends that got viral in 2020

Dhwani Arora

For most of us, 2020 was because of the pandemic a tough year. We were all locked up and there were limited physical meetings and journeys. But each dark cloud has a silver fit! When we were all trapped home this year, people came up with innovative, exciting and mega viral challenges and patterns.

People worldwide engaged in friendly, viral trends and gave it a special twist.

But to be honest these challenges were like our source of fun when we bored at home. In 2020 there have been so many viral trends, but these ten trends are definitely top of our roster. Continue to scroll to see how many people you attended!


Here we go!

Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee is one of the most visible and deliciously consumable phenomena as the planet was forced to take a quarantine in order to avoid a full-blown explosion of coronavirus pandemic. It looked like spotless coffee took over social media overnight. Netizens across the globe hopped on the trend, but later they noticed that coffee had to be made without an electronic whisk.


 Some insights of the coffee

Pillow challenge

On 5 April, Instagram users @styledbynelli and @myforteisfashion began the popular quarantine pillow challenge. The job was to wear a pillow with a strap on your body.

This theme spread to social media like flames and a number of popular A-lists even had a chic look. This assignment is a great demonstration of how imaginative people should be quarantined.


“Indian Idol judge Neha Kakkar performs the pillow challenge in style; her "chand ka tukda" is an impressed fan”.



This trend requires no introduction, for 'Binod' was the most used word in August 2020. This trend was not necessary. It all began with an innocent 'Binod' comments on the video of Slayypoint and the Indian social media went out of the blue!

·      Several authors began to create original material around it and we even saw several major companies making funny tales.

·      This was so common that you definitely live under the rock without understanding what 'Binod' is!



Black and white picture challenge

This was another theme which became really popular online in 2020 and for all the right reasons. The challenge of black and white was gathering momentum among women worldwide.

The goal was to inspire women and demonstrate mutual support. All they had to do was write 'challenge acknowledged' and tag other women in their messages. There were many factors for this challenge, but we appreciate how many women have taken it on and shown its solidity.



The Black and White Instagram Challenge!


Main tera

The kind of patterns which are every other day viral are one of the key reasons behind loveful social media. The one song you perform in everybody's head is the Kalank title track for the last couple of weeks.

'Main Tera' has resurfaced, from which everybody creates creative reels. This viral song was the ultimate kennel for all of the creative developments in the internet.

“Some funny memes made on the topic”

Time wrap!!

The Time Warp Filter has become super viral on the internet as it is uncomfortable! Actually this filter will freeze the frame as the line moves. It has definitely become an online movement and so many people with their videos are super artistic. This fun filter still cannot be conquered!

 Some insights of the challenge 

Well, you go there! These trends and threats definitely dominate our list, alongside so many things that this year have gone viral. 2020 was not the best year, but those developments in social media changed for all of us.

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