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Aanchal Sachdeva

Everything is fair in love and war! For some, it’s love, for some it’s war, and for some, it’s just fair!

It’s time to change the track from conventional love stories to not-so-conventional ones, and the message conveyed will reach the destination even if it takes time.

Valentine's Day is all about love, love transcending gender.

Here are some Gay/Lesbian Dramas to binge-watch on the VALENTINE'S DAY! 


Romil and Jugal, a doppelgänger of Romeo and Juliet as suggested by the name, is Ekta Kapoor’s production released on Alt Balaji. The series explores all the colours of love. Unlike ordinary love stories, where the boy falls in love with a girl, and the girl falls in love with a boy, and they live happily ever after, this Web Series is a roller coaster of emotions. When two boys have hots for each other, and one of them(Romil) is not open about admitting it, the series takes several dramatic turns. After all, “Besharam, Badtameez, Khudgarz Hota hai par Pyaar to Aisa hi hota hai ..”. Romil is the macho Punjabi boy, who struggles between securing his social image as the carefree dude and having the liberty of being himself with Jugal. Watch to see who triumphs, ‘Romil’ the Punjabi Munda or the ‘Romil’ who’s head over heels in love with Jugal.


Roopa Rao’s Web Series, The Other Love Story was released in 2016 on Youtube. This is a story about two girls in an old fashioned world about the new world’s love. It’s a tale of reluctance, acceptance, and love wherein two girls struggle to be there for each other fighting against all odds in the 90s of Bangalore. The gullible ways of showcasing love for each other by writing love letters are a classic illustration of love but between an unconventional couple. After all, love conquers all!


Untag! As the name suggests, people want to get rid of labels, tags even if they are different, after all, “Different is better” as quoted by Shikha in the series. UNTAG, directed by Ashima Chibber and written by Zaheer Shaikh attempts to open doors to different closets of 6 characters fighting with the tags levied on them by people. One such tag is ‘GAY’ imposed on Nischay played by Meiyang Chang. He’s an MBA, a Marathon Runner, a Painter, a Poet but people tag you with what appeals to them the most pleasing themselves, so he’s labelled 'gay'. 

“He’s so gay..”, “Isn’t she too fat to be wearing a crop top..”, “Such a coward..”, Attention Seeker, Ugly, Slut; you can relate when you said it, and when you heard it. UNTAG is a refreshing series. It’s relatable, guess we’re all fighting with tags, trying to overcome our inhibitions only to better with time. You can find it on Mx Player, and Voot. Go watch it!


Dice Media’s, FIRSTS Season 3, is a lovely series of 7 episodes of 4 minutes each. The series covers some firsts of a lesbian couple such as the first fight, first makeup, first kiss; they, coming out for the first time and many more FIRSTS. The most significant part about the series is that it’s short and crisp. Casted with brevity and precision, this one displays some ordinary problems in a typical couple’s life. You wouldn’t have to sit for hours glued to your screen; it will be over before you even realise and trust me, you’ll long for more episodes. You can find it on Youtube.


Loev released in 2015 is true to life. This movie exudes genuineness, far away from moth-eaten stories about love. The plot is rather powerful, it begins with Sahil, snapping at Alex for not paying the electricity bill and leaving the gas on. Sahil struggles to accept his maturity, being with Alex, who’s on the contrary slap-happy. The movie takes some audacious and violent turn when Sahil goes on a weekend getaway with Jai, his friend. Almost touching the subject of infidelity, it explores the complicated relationship between a gay couple and their fight with the inner demons.

Well, I suggest you stay closeted for some more time, watch some series and gormandize your favourite food. Have a very happy Valentine's Day!

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