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Vani Rakkar

If you are on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you surely would not have missed a picture of a man wearing a jacket and sitting with his legs crossed along with wearing a mask on his face.

Okay, so by now you would have already realized who we are talking about?


Yes, so let us tell you about the man in those hilarious images. He is Bernie Sanders. Bernard Sanders who was born on September 8, 1941, is an American politician who has served since 2007 as Vermont's junior U.S. senator and as the U.S. Representative for the Diverse Congressional District of the State from 1991 to 2007. A picture of the US Senator Bernie Sanders clicked on Inauguration Day has smashed the internet leading to millions of photoshopped memes spread across several social networking sites.


Bernie Sanders turned up in a bulky winter jacket and patterned mittens for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' inauguration ceremony. In various viral memes, a picture of him sitting bundled-up went viral and spawned. The image shows the independent senator from Vermont huddled against the cold in a chair, socially distancing himself as he holds his arms crossed above a distinctly unglamorous average-guy winter coat. The overall look of Sanders and his curmudgeonly glare has prompted a river of imaginative memes, as Sanders has been superimposed on famous works of art and family images by people around the world.


"From "Games of Thrones," or alongside Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin in Yalta in 1945, Sanders has been seen in Zoom meetings or sitting on the Iron Throne in recent days. The 89-year-old would not have even once dreamed that his picture would crack the internet, and would eventually become a worldwide source for memes. In all possible scenarios, people left no possibilities left in photoshopping Sanders, from Hollywood and Bollywood movies to historic landmark complexes, anime covers, musical concerts, public lounges, iconic art objects. From people to students to everyone started photoshopping the image with suitable backgrounds, making memes.

The meme has taken over the entire country of India with his image being superimposed in various desi memes. Bollywood scenes were photoshopped with the image of him and they were no less hilarious to see. The version of this trend from Bollywood is pretty amusing. It may make you smile to see Sanders edited into classic desi film scenes. From Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to Queen, the US Senator’s image has been edited into all classic Indian cinemas. He was seen posing in local trains, to sabzi mandis, and at several other places with the tag #Berniememes #BernieSanders. Indians took to Twitter posting his image with hilarious captions, such as “Hamare ghar chhota mehmaan aane wala tha, par pehle naraaz fufaji tapak pade” while Eros Now photoshopped his image in a scene from ‘Hum Saath Saath Hai’ with the caption “Meet the new member of the Chaturvedi fam.” On another meme from the movie, Queen was edited with his image with a caption “Mera Haal Na Bernie Uncle Ke Jaisa Ho Gaya Hai”


Desi Memes was not enough when the official account of the Ministry of Tourism of Kerala entered the meme-fest, photoshopping the politician sitting on the picturesque Munnar hills, campaigning for the iconic tourist destination. With Kerala Tourism using the image of Sanders and posting it with the caption “Wear your warm woolen mittens and enjoy the cool crisp Munnar weather!”, the public went crazy.

Many Bollywood actors, such as Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Deepika Padukone, Vidyut Jammwal, Gajraj Rao, were inspired to recreate their own Bernie memes by Hollywood stars such as Ryan Reynolds and Jennifer Aniston, leaving fans fascinated online.

Malaika also entered the meme fest and demanded feedback from her Instafam for captions. She added the ROFL hashtag #GettinAsunBern to her message, "Need a caption". Our very favorite gorgeous actor On his Instagram account, the fit actor Vidyut Jammwal posted a photo where he is skilfully balanced on a beer bottle. He lies horizontally in the air, one arm, like a superman, stretched forward and his legs straight and stiff in the air. He keeps his entire body in levitation with his other hand by carefully balancing his whole body on a bottle held on the ground. Although the pose is impressive and evidence of the outstanding body strength of Vidyut, the presence of Bernie makes it more amusing. To make it look like Vidyut is raising the man on his back, a carefree Bernie is photoshopped on Vidyut's thighs.

Deepika Padukone blessed our feed with memes of Bernie with the caption stating "Caption this She took a photo of herself in a professional kitchen to post on Instagram, joined by the grumpy Bernie next to her. She also asked her followers and fans to suggest a fitting caption for the photo. Several celebrities both from Hollywood and Bollywood started posting their own version of memes, thereby being a part of the meme series.

Further, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau posted a picture of himself holding a press conference on Twitter from his lawn, with the popular picture of Bernie superimposed in the background. Justin opted for Bernie Sander’s meme to urge the Canadians to stay at their homes amidst the spread of the virus.


2 days after the iconic look of Bernie Sanders at the Presidential inauguration went viral, he has replied to it saying "I was just sitting there trying to keep warm, trying to pay attention to what was going on". Sanders proceeded to thank the woman who had given the mittens to him. Sanders said that after it erupted on social media, the woman was somewhat surprised by the responses she got. The Vermont Democratic Senator responded to something in the midst of all the frenzy online, saying he had "seen" all the memes, and said he was not aware that his pose would generate such a sensation.

But how can we forget to give credit to that one person who clicked such an iconic picture? Yes, the picture of Sanders was taken by Brendan Smialowski, a Washington-based photojournalist who covers politics for the Agence France-Presse wire service. Once the photo was shot, the rest was history. The photo was easily combined with amusing captions around the internet, and cut and pasted into various iterations.

What is more amusing to know is that Joe Biden’s Presidential Inauguration pictures didn’t go viral rather it was Bernie Sanders who made it the most popular of all.

Well! We really have to agree that the Internet surely is magical. One picture of him went out and now there are millions of memes on him.

From Instagram to Twitter, his image has been viral on every platform. If you are on any Social Networking site, you would surely not have missed it. But if you have, go check out now for his super hilarious memes with that iconic pose. And also, do not forget to check out our desi version of Bernie memes where the Indians have again excelled to show their creativity.

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