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Things every filmmaker should keep in mind before making their debut film!!

Dhwani Arora

You are up against many standards when you began as a filmmaker producing your first independent film.There is a lot of responsibility at all costs to make things right. You want your strengths, your experiences and your perception to be outstanding.

So here are the five key points to consider before you shoot your first film:

Think outside the box

No matter how incredibly the picture looks or how good the costumes match the main thing that matters the most is the storyline which needs to be something different or out of the box.

Before you really worry about your first day of production, write and reconfigure your script as much as possible.

Set your budget

Once you are done with the story part, then comes the need to set a budget for your film as Filmmaking is a pricey task. Break down the script scene by scene to decide what the final practical budget for your development is going to be. If you don't have the money to get it rolling, postpone until you've collected the funds, or try changing your script to something much more compatible with your funds.

Don't forget the basics

When the storey is compelling, your actors are committed or your jokes amuse, viewers can forgive those strategy flaws, but the faults still appear to stick up. This also occurs when the viewer can no longer see, hear or track what happens. But you ought to know the foundations of the shot structure and work out with your equipment.

Find out the most important member of your crew

People always applaud the filmmaker for the film's look, the director for the idea, and the producer for putting all of this together, but nobody ever praises the sound recorder for being able to hear what everybody is talking about.

So, it's the sound recorder who deserve to be the most important member of the crew, as the ability of the viewer to distinctly understand the dialogue can profoundly affect their interpretation of your storyline.

Recognise where your movie is heading

Filmmakers are artists, but the production of films is a business, so promotion and distribution must be taken into account. The easiest way to secure distribution is to include recognised talent in your picture cast, but if this isn't feasible the you need to follow the trends.

You're going to make mistakes, regardless of what you do. If you enjoy it, your first film will take over your whole life before it is finished. You would have seen it several times until you've done, so that you never watched it again. But when you see no one seeing the few mistakes you made because they are so much swept up in your plot, then you know you did a wonderful job.

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