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The recent headline about a controversial web series, Tandav.

Ritika Kulkarni

It has been in the headlines in media and a common topic for prime news time. It is not losing a prospect to get tedious. The creator Ali Abbas Zafar apologies after the I&B ministry asked them for an explanation about some of the scenes where they are seen “insulting Hindu Gods”.

Tandav was released on 15th January and is sparking controversies since then. This web series brought together some of the best actors of all time together. It stars Saif Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadia, Kritika Kamra, Sunil Grover, and several other big stars of the industry. OTT being a popular platform, the trailer of the series attracted the eyes of the audience. Not only the cast but the custom and cinematography are commendable. This high-budget web series has come up on the screen got caught up in a lot of disputes. The web series is based on a dark drama. The story is of India’s capital Delhi, showcasing politics along with the student’s council in play. It features lots of things that people can relate to the real world itself. This fiction story is compared with religion and politics which is raging anger in the community. A huge difference in the perspective is seen amid the audience.

Glance of movie

The story revolves around the PM’s chair. Lots of things keep on coming up from the central as well as the university level. There are parallel stories that create an amazing plot for the conclusion. Samar Pratap (Saif Ali Khan), who is the son of India’s Prime Minister conspires to replace this father. Devki Nandan (Tigmanshu Dhulia) as India’s Prime Minister does not want to leave his position. Hence there are lots of interesting thread making it avid. The university has played a huge role in building up the story. The protagonist drives the sub-plot is Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub’s Shiva Shekhar, who is a flagbearer of the student’s movement and the left-wing politics at the university. There is a lot of “Azaadi” voices rising amongst the students against the government.

This web series has diversity in the reviews from the critics as well as the public. This is a nine-part political drama with many interesting plots. This web series is also the debut of Ali Zafar in OTT. The web series showcases the hunger for realistically powering the political world. This show has many black and white scenes with close, chaotic corridors of power.

There is a lot of game plot and politics in the web series. The dialogue delivery is quite basic with a few famous dialogues. Everyone was expecting TANDAV to stand out from the other triller like Pataal Lok but it somewhere disappointed its audiences and couldn’t create a benchmark it the OTT platform.

Although there are some references though which people can relate to but it is put into the story to make it more realistic.

Controversial scenes

There are a few wrathful things. There are some scenes where people can relate them to real-life scenarios. Although they are not intentional, this is causing a wave of hatred in the public. This is an instance where an actor is on the stage and playing the role of Lord Shiva and mocks. This scene so being brought into controversy. This was kept just for the entertainment purpose which people misjudged and took it personally.

Another thing that was highlighted in the controversy was the language and the dress-up of the actors that were representing Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Such instances lead to a lot of petition against the actors and creators. The warnings to boycott and ban the web series were released.

An additional thing that is revolving in the minds of the people are the actors in the movie that is portraying a role of a Hindu God that does not belong to the Hindu religion.

There was a recommendation to keep a strict eye on OTT platforms as they show the content not decent enough to be broadcasted.

People are relating a lot with the scenes of the series from reality and taking them to their hearts. These web series are to entertain the public but some connect with these types of stories to an extent that they get offended.

“SORRY” by the creator

The creator of the web series has apologized to the public for the scene that has hurt the emotions and sentiments of their audience. No sooner I&B ministry asked the creators for explanations regarding the certain scene in the web series, the makers of TANDAV released an apology on Twitter. They further clarify that the movie is just a “work of fiction” and it does not resemble acts and persons. The scenes are coincidental. They further added there were no intentions to offend the sentiments of any individual. They apologized in the behave of the entire crew and cast for unintentional hurt to anybody’s sentiments.

Some political leader has written the issue to I&B ministry Prakash Javadekar and requested him to ban the web series for violating the Hindu sentiments. They had further urged the public to boycott the series.

There was a complaint filed by an Uttar Pradesh policeman that the series ridiculed Lord Shiva, insulted the post of the prime minister of the country.

In the end

There shouldn’t be an issue of the dispute now after all the clarification of the unintentional hurt of the sentiments of the public. A web series that is seen and made for entertainment purposes should not be taken much personally. All the acts and the scenes are completely fictional. Even after taking a lot of care, the creator leaves those parts by mistake or they never had thought this might the hurt feelings of the public. After an official apology, we expect the argument to calm down.

The excitement to watch TANDAV has never gone down even after the lots of bans, protests, and boycotts. People still want to see the series as they want it before these controversies.

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