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"MAHA TANDAV" of controversies

Ritika Kulkarni

OTT is trending after the COVID-19 outbreak. It allows the consumer to watch films and television through a high-speed internet connection. You have an enormous option to watch on these OTT platforms.

You might have heard about the recent web-series TANDAV. It is swelling up in the controversies. We are getting mixed opinions from the public.

TANDAV is a dark story around Indian politics and ambition. It unrolls behind closed doors and in the managerial hierarchy. It is seen that the storyline is triggering the politicians somewhere. They are looking for the opportunity to come into the limelight. They randomly choose a scene or a character and misinterpret it.

It is a series where you can compare reality to the scenes. It gets thrilling and convincing the act they play on the screen. Not only this but many people could find the relevance of the charters and locations as well.

If we look back to the history of Indian cinema there were several circumstances when the political and religions are brought in between the entertainment. The figurehead easily rules the minds of the public and molds them against or in favor. This benefits them and the public is just left as a mere puppet of the powerholders.

Freedom of speech

This is the fundamental right as per the constitution of India. This principle supports the argument that everybody can express his/her expressions without any fear. No one can restrict you about your speech or actions. Your thoughts, ideas, and opinions cannot be restricted by anyone. This has certain limitations for the benefit of society.

Some political leaders are requesting people to boycott the series. Some further add, the makes, and actors should apologize for hurting the sentiments of the public.

There are a lot of voices against and the favor of the series that makes it gets hard for the public to figure out which wing to support. This not only results in confusion and misunderstanding in the public but also hatred. Some of the political leaders along with the religious preachers are standing up together against the entertainment-based business. This leads to communism and divisions of society.

Do you think it is justified to say an actor or a director apologize to them for making the content? After watching the series, you will get to know how much the issue is exaggerated. The things are just molded for their own befits.


TANDAV is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, a socio-political drama. It has featured several good stars like Saif Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadia, Mahammad Zeeshan, Sunil Grover, and many others.

#BoycottTandav #BoycottBollywood is treading in social sites. You can easily figure out the controversy that has been fired by politics and exaggerated in front of the public.

Considering the series overall. The performances are commendable and give a perfect combination of glamour.

Story Line

The web series was released on 15 January on Amazon Prime Video. The official summary reads as “The charismatic leader of some primer political party-Samar Pratap (Saif Ali Khan) feels he’s ready to inherit the chair of PM but Samar’s father, the party patriarch and the PM- Devki Nandan isn’t willing to retire. Anuradha, Devki’s close associate (Dimple Kapadia), senior leader Gopal Das (Kumud Mishra) are few of many other leaders considering themselves fit one to sit in this chair. But chair never comes easily, they constantly keep striving for it. A parallel story is of the idealistic campus activist (Zeeshan Ayyub) who becomes an overnight icon as he shines at a political event. Shiva wants to bring the change, sway the youth, overthrow the power pillars- he knows the sweet taste of power. And power corrupts, Shiva and Samar will meet as country politics will crossroads with youth politics. Tandav comes together of a series of manipulations that exposes some layers of human greed, ambition, love, and violence.”


Although the story plot is fiction people still relate them to real-life things and scenarios.

The scene is in controversy, giving a chance to offenders when an artist in drama cracks some jokes along with some slangs while portraying the role of lord shiva. The objective behind the scene was just to add a pinch of hummer to the series. No one wants to hurt Hindu sentiments and mock Hindu gods.

Hence, we can clearly say the controversy is pointless.

The statements by political leaders have made the web series sensational. A legal notice has been sent to the director Ali Abbas Zafar and Amazon Prime bringing the case to the judiciary. The entry of political leaders and their statements against the series has ignited the case. Leftist and right-wing politics has also been highlighted a lot. Somewhere the religious differences are sparking up. It has been seen and heard that portraying Hindu characters by Muslim actors is also one of the causes.

The brains of the people are so washed by some elements of our society that they are made to see the imaginary relevance from reality. The series and movies are just made for an entertainment purpose and sometimes added with some value. Special care is taken that no one’s sentimental is harmed. Still, if someone finds it related, it is nothing more than a coincidence. These are some points written in the disclaimer before the series or movie starts.


You must have understood what is being depicted through this web series and what is the real objective behind the elements that spread these rumors in society. That’s a humble request not to make opinions before watching the series on your own and don’t get caught in the trap of these elements.

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