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How media helps star kids ruling over the gram?

Ritika Kulkarni

“Stars launching their children” is the common headline we see in the media;

you cannot deny that. But most of the marketing is done before the launch officially happens, surprised? Do you want to know, How?

They are present in social media as an influencer for a long time before they establish them as a SUPERSTAR. Star kids have an immense following. You can scroll into their Instagram profile or any other social site. They have an an enormous number of followers from all over the globe. 

The strategy behind the scene

Did you now understand how the marketing thing happen before their official launch? It’s their social game.

They rule the industry even before they have officially entered the industry. Their posts get thousands of likes within minutes. HOW?

Have you ever seen the news headlines as “… is in Dubai”, “… had a huge fight with her boyfriend” or like “She is planning to get into the relationship with …” YES! The media sites encourage them to rule over the gram. All the minor details are seen in the news headlines.

All that we do is jump into their gram and follow them to get the information faster. It is the media that trigger our curiosity and rock their social game.

Public Reactions

You can see the curiosity of the public over any random thing. Everyone is waiting for their statement to fuel the controversy. And you know who is provoking them to put their point forward, the media.

Now, you must be thinking why did this even happen?

These kids get inflamed by the stunts of our media. They grab the golden opportunity and kill it. They get a lot of limelight through it thereby increasing their fanbase. These profits both the star kids as well as the media. Star kids by increasing their popularity and media through the TRP.

Newsflashes “… is infected by viral”. We just hop into Instagram and search. We even expect these small kiddos to have an Instagram account.

So, this is what we get.

The celeb kids have their accounts since they are born. The followers' number goes on increasing even when having no intention of it.

The world-famous celebs in India have sometimes lacked the follower number as compared to these star kids. Just because these star kids are really very active in the gram. They pass their comments and thoughts over the social issues not only ruling the gram but also the minds of their followers. Actual media is making them huge. We get to know about their day-to-day activities and although indirectly.

Each day news headlines have a new spicy hot news ready to get served. And we have more interest in gossips rather than any public news.

They stimulate the public and direct us towards them. We ultimately get caught in the trap and follow them without using our brains. 

Media plays an eminent part. 

The death of Sushant Singh Rajput is the foremost example of this. Everyone was jumping into the matter without knowing anything. Passing sensational statements. It was the media who has conveyed the message. This was why we jumped into their profiles and started following them. The media pinged them by bringing each activity to light.

Star events

Before the official announcement goes off the air. They are on the headlines. Thus, making it a big issue. Star kid in a reality show or an event. No only increases their worth but also the things they are involved in.

The big celeb weddings are made blockbuster.

The shift of stardom 

After their parents ruling the gram, the highlight is shifted towards them. They not only give competition to their parents but also winning it somewhere in the gram. Their feeds are just full of glamour with several thousand likes and comments. Their physique and fashions undoubtedly trends that get viral through media. “… has repeated her dress” or “… spotted with her mother in a polka dot night suit.” This makes the public crazy about them.

The Star kids ready for the debut-

Lockdown has been a long no-launch season. But as soon as the condition gets normal, we have a lot of star kids ready for it. Some had made an official announcement on their social media and the rest are waiting for the right time. They make their social audience aware of this through their gram either directly or indirectly. Star kids have their strategy to build a separate fan base. This could only be done through social media. Instagram is so common these days to form a fanbase and influence the public.

Let’s take a quick insight into their Instagram

1Ananya Pandey

With more than 15.8 million followers slaying the gram with her amazing pictures. Besides the photoshoots, vacations, and parties she attended had never failed to mesmerize the audiences. More than 25 lakh views and 6 lakh likes over their video show how well they are ruling the platform.

2Aryan Khan

With just 24 posts, he has more than 1.3 million followers. More than 3 lakh likes show much people love him and like to see him.

3Ira Khan

382k followers, huh! This shows how she is adored by the people. From roasting marshmallow to behind-the-scene keeps her audience engaged and build trust towards her.

4Taimoor Ali Khan Pataudi

He is not even a teenager but has 89k+ followers. He has started ruling the gram. People want to know everything about him. This encourages the media to push more content about him.

Let’s not go too far, Anushka Sharma Daughter who just stepped into the world is having the fan pages ready. They are ready to slay social media with her cuteness.

The media just pushes the news people to want to see. Once the audience starts losing interest, they will stop pushing it.

It’s just the media who get things plotted for these star kids before they hit the actual battlefield. All their statements and activities are presented in such a form that it becomes sensational.

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