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Cleavage is not Content!

Aarna Guha

A woman’s body has always been under the microscope of fashion and society and needless to say that cleavage is a huge part of it! From the front page to social media platforms such as Instagram, a cleavage has been the talking point for many years. Is it too much or not that much? How much is enough? Is deep neckline out and over or still in fashion? Is she wearing it to create a buzz? Is it a fashion statement at all?

But we fail to understand why there is so much around a normal body part? Also, why so much content around it. Over the ages, both print media and social media have gained from cleavage-revealing pictures of celebrities and have written pages on whether the outfit is right or not, whether they are showing too much or not. Now there are also certain acceptable rules when it comes to showing off one’s cleavage. Our question is that who makes these rules?

However, on the contrary, we must understand that there is a demand for it. It helps you get those additional views. Is it a cheap marketing gimmick or not – this is something we need to discuss.

It is quite shocking to see that even the leading fashion webzines or magazines have so much to talk about cleavage. And not the artist! If it is a red carpet event, why don’t we longer talk about the movie or the art? Why do we have to talk about who is wearing what and how much cleavage is being revealed? Credit in point, what if the star actually wants to create the buzz and that is why she is wearing a revealing outfit?

Fashion has long seen a woman’s body as a malleable entity and it is surprising to see that there is no end to it. Even when we are standing in this century, talking about equality, the performance of a female artist is not quite celebrated as much as her body is. Cleavage can never be content. Or can it be? If you don’t have anything else to write about, spare the cleavage.

Also, other body parts are not left behind. From rib crushing corsets to push-up bras, women's bodies and fashion, as we say, are always under the microscope and everybody is forced to meet the "standards". Women’s posteriors are also gaining attention, especially recently. It is also culturally shocking that several songs have lyrics where they are focusing on how exactly their buttocks should be!

Sexualizing a woman’s body and gaining meaty profits from it has become a trend. We have to mention pop culture when we are talking about this topic.

The rap lyrics in most songs spell misogyny and over-sexualization of women. It is appalling but yes, as we said before, it sells. Objectifying a woman's body has become a new norm in most songs and people do not even think twice about this.

If you take a look at some of the video games, then also you will see the way they portray the female animated characters are quite demeaning. The pop industry is oozing with misogyny and yes, we, as viewers, are buying it. Sexist and degrading lyrics are promoted on all platforms and no one bats an eye. Misogyny and sexual innuendos are there but yes again – they lead to handsome revenues and who doesn’t want to make money? The problem is that society is full of hypocrisy – we say we don’t like all these and at the same time, we watch and listen to the same.

It is high time we look at women and their art and work and not as mere objects in various sexualized demeanors. They are equal to men and in fact, better in so many different ways. They are going to the moon, rocking the box office as well as playing it hard in the court. They have so much more to offer than cleavages and buttocks. Also, there shouldn’t be any beauty standard per se. Do they really need to wear those underwired push-ups bras and high heels when all they want is to chill in PJs and be comfortable in their snickers? It is heartbreaking to think that we have brought them down to just body parts.

So now that you have got your food for thought for today – let me ask you “Cleavage is content or not?” Do you listen to songs with patriarchal lyrics and at the same time, call yourself a feminist? Do you share screenshots of celebs in revealing dresses in the WhatsApp group only to demean it? Are we not the criminal here?

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