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Who thought designer masks will rule the industry?

Ritika Kulkarni

With the coronavirus outbreak, wearing masks came as a protocol to stop the transmission of the virus. All we can witness were curses in exchange for people's mandatory order to wear masks while moving out of their house. But slowly, with people adapting to the new normal, people have realized that masks are here to stay for some time and thus have added in a pinch of newness to the yester-year masks.

Now no more are people limited to wearing those old and traditional surgical masks but have masks of all colors in their closet. Yes, mask stitching is happening, and that too on a large scale that allows all the fashion-friendly people to don a mask that suits their personality. These days when you hit the market, you can find an exact match for your attire that is spruced up with fashion and trendiness to let you have the upper hand over your fashion instincts. The change that the fashion industry has brought for masks undoubtedly has some good reasons; here are a few of them:

They define your style. 

Just like your clothing and shoes speak up for you, masks are also emerging out as a style statement that slowly displays your taste and style. Just like you would don delicate and intricate pieces of jewelry to showcase your love for a subtle and minimalistic approach, a mask with finely defined patterns shows your choice and fashion instincts.

They can be customized for every occasion. 

One of the best things about designer masks is getting them customized to fit into any occasion. A sporty mask for the gym, a light-colored mask for the office, a delicately patterned mask to match your ethnic dress, a sequined mass for attending a party, a black mask with shimmers for a date night or disco, and a funky mass for your casual outings, the list is simply endless. You can simply experiment with styles with fashion designers at your side to get you a mask for every occasion.

They give you a reason to match. 

With girls going bonkers about matching masks with their outfits, designer’s masks face a continuous rise as they allow the fashionistas to get a pair that exactly goes by the color of their dress. We all know how girls are particular about their clothing and accessories. Ranging from matching earrings to neckpieces and shoes, they tend to get everything in line to flaunt their style. And with the pandemic, there has risen another mandate accessory- ‘masks.’ With masks becoming one of the prime requirements, the fashion industry has not left any stones unturned to design stylish and designer pieces for all the fashion freaks who love to mix and match as per their apparels.

Apt for weddings

We would definitely not want to sight a bride walking down the aisle with that traditional blue-colored surgery mask tucked over her nose, right? In such a case, the fashion industry comes as a savior that has moved ahead to manufacture designer masks over the traditional ones that have given wings to get one according to their dress. So just like a bride pairs up her jewelry with her bridal attire, she can get a designer mask to wear to follow the COVID protocols when guests come to wish her on the stage. Also, a trendy mask that can accessorize her dress will surely let her lessen down the number of curses that we give to the pandemic protocols that we are forced to follow.

Displays your message

With a multitude of designer masks trending countrywide, masks with messages are in and are facing a constant advance. Buying a mask with a deep message or a mask that displays what's in your mind in such a way that you do not have to open your mouth to say is a slow and easy way to communicate what you feel. Just take an example, if you have friends under the skin of foes, wearing a mask that reads ’ don’t be double-faced’ can serve the exact potion of your mind to the ones you wish to communicate the message. All you need to do is wear on the mask and meet such people; your mask will say it all.

Let’s you go funky

If the funkiness inside you is unable to come out due to the attire limitations you have to adhere to while being in work or gathering, we are sure masks are a way to escape. You may not wear your funky bandanna and wrist bands to the office, but hardly there will be anyone who can stop you from wearing a funky face mask. So if the funkiness inside you is jumping to come out, you can consider wearing a funky designer mask to satisfy your cravings of being funky inside out.

Though masks came as an emergency and necessity staple to save people from acquiring the virus, they have risen ahead and have become a fashion statement in no time.

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