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Make Up Trends to Watch Out for In 2021

Hansika Vaid

2020 was an unusual year. The year of the pandemic. A year where most of us were home, with a lot of time on our hands to try new hobbies, to invest in ourselves like never before.

The new year however, brings with it a whole lot of promise to start afresh, to try new things, and to venture into areas you haven’t tread in before.

The world of makeup is no different.

If you’re already looking for a change from the makeup looks you tried and tested in 2020, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Vibrant colours and nostalgia are two major themes trending this year.

Let us take you through the make up trends set to blow up in 2021.

1Stained Lips

Lip stains usually get a bad rap for drying out lips. Which is why many lip stains today contain hydrating formulas to prevent the colour from setting into lip lines. To keep your stain on for longer, tap it into place once you apply it. This look is bound to keep you looking fresh during those unending Zoom calls.

2Dolphin Skin

Sounds weird right? But its all the rage all thanks to star make-up artist Mary Phillips who gave Hailey Bieber this look. This is a bare-faced look which aims to give you fresh, reflective skin just like that of a dolphin’s. It is a great option for those of you who want an illusive lit-from-within look. Take a tinted moisturiser to create a plump and hydrated base for your highlight to get dolphin skin.

390s Liner

Here’s the nostalgia themed makeup we were talking about. Leaning back to nostalgic beauty trends is a great way to deal with some of the mess this decade has brought to us. The next time you feel like playing up your eyes, go for the 90’s tight line look.

4Uplifting Colours

There’s nothing like a bright pop of colour to liven up your face and change your mood on a bleak day! This year, you might find yourself reaching for far-out shades you haven’t tried before, a bright purple eye or blue lipstick? Anything can happen. The power colour has to uplift moods will be tapped in to this year. So don’t be shy to try on different vibrant shades.

5Colourful Mascara

Following the theme of vibrant colours this year, it is only natural that colourful mascara will be in too. Take inspiration from actress Lupita Nyong’o who wore blue lashes to the Golden Globes. Paired with a deep red lip, these lashes are sure to draw all eyes to you.

This is all we have for you today. Makeup is quite unpredictable essentially. So, while there may be other looks that come about in 2021, these were some of the most loved and expert approved looks.

We hope you choose your makeup adventure on any day and experiment with the trends we mentioned above.

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