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Vani Rakkar

Brows have been characterized more than your face for years. From the skinny brows of pinups to Brooke Shields to, heck! Cara Delevingne, others have turned women into certifiable icons. But you know your brows better these days than who's actually wearing them in real.

The studies and training that aestheticians undergo change every day, although the methods of eyebrow shaping are antique. Eyebrow shapes are becoming more diverse every day. It is crucial to monitor the guidelines complementary to the face shape, whether you follow trends or stick to classic yet timeless eyebrow shapes. In addition, everybody has distinctive eyebrows and can do anything they wish.

By making creative, avant-garde applications, people want to discover new, innovative ways of using their brow items and want to push the boundaries. We saw a whole new aspect of our brows in the quarantine. Some of us are worried about getting our regular fill 'n' tint, and others are still too traumatized from past experiences to pluck without professional assistance. So here are some fashionable and trendy yet comfortable and easy ways of getting your eyebrows done either at home or with professional help.



As the name suggests the inspiration of course comes from feathers. Feather brows are directed at light and fluffy brow hairs that follow the natural shape and colour of your brows, much like bird feathers. The feather brows are the work of Sironen and her glue stick, the brows that began it all. It enhances the beauty of your face and it can be shockingly impressive with what you decide to do. With a less dramatic portion and gold glitter, it can be stunning.


Such barbed wire brows have drawn interest outside the world of fashion, and are quite wearable, to be honest. When wearing these, the only threat you would ever face is when someone would try to smoothen it for you. These brows are so comfy and would pose a new style for you.


In the shadow impact brow trend, the natural brow texture takes centre stage. This look is effortless in implementation and presentation, all about soft definition and 3D texture. Benefit's latest Brow Styler comes with the perfect doe-foot shaped tip for fast and simple filling with a light hand, buff a base coat of brow powder through your brows, following the natural curves and contours. For additional dimension and fullness, conclude with a coating of fibrous brow gel.


In recent years, natural brows have ruled, but we are seeing a trend toward thinner, more manicured brows. Do not worry: these are nothing like our younger years' pencil-thin, over-plucked brows. Instead, the natural form of the brows is retained by this trend and involves a quick clean-up and a little filling in with a pencil or gel that suits the shade of your hair.


The windswept brow look, an easy trend to replicate, simply needs you to brush your brows at a diagonal, rather than up towards your temple. The technique emphasizes the natural arch of your brows (which with some artfully arranged highlighters can be further enhanced) and looks soft, full, and natural. To lock everything in place and you're good to go, add some clear brow gel.


Perhaps we're just that little frustrated for months without even a brow appointment, and maybe we're just totally inspired by Timothée Chalamet, but we're definitely beginning to love the design of an undone brow.

The favorite aspect of this is that it necessitates very little effort, like basically no effort at all.

Just run a spool brush and maintain your makeup to a minimum to ensure that the look is fresh rather than incomplete.


It may only be because of the return of all things in the '90s, but we have come to the conclusion that enhancing thin brows is so much more attractive if that's how they develop naturally, rather than wasting our peaceful mornings and sleep to draw them.

With some gel, fluff up the front of your brows to bring them into this era and you're done.


K-Beauty and the Jenners have been largely popularised with an immediate eye-lift, shaping straighter brows. In a different way, straight brows frame the face as they give you an immediate eyelift thus gives the image of a smaller face.

The results (if performed carefully) are very flattering. With many fashion fans taking to Tik Tok by shaving off or waxing the tail-end of their brows to give this trend a go.

However, with this trend, we advise you to practice caution and be careful while handling it. Brows grow back, but it's not a pleasant transition, so stick to tweezers, maybe.


It looks like mono-brows are not going to be a fashion faux pas in 2021. Models such as Taylor Hill wear this fused eyebrow style, and everyone will embrace it as well in 2021. If you're tired of waxing your unibrow endlessly, now's the perfect time to remove these items and accept your natural beauty, and that is mono-brow. If you want to clean it up a little, you can do it at home by yourself. To pluck out any stray strands until you're pleased with your mono-brow look, all you'll need is a tweezer and a magnifying glass. Put either lotion, aloe gel or ice on the area once you're done.


Although 'soap brows' are commonly brushed up in appearance and lusciously soft, the term itself simply refers to the technique and not the shape. Soap brows are accomplished using, as the name implies, soap, in place of eyebrow wax, a time-tested technique that is undergoing a revival. All that is needed is a bar of soap (ideally a clear one), a disposable spoolie brush and some water or setting spray, said to keep brows in place for much longer than most gels (while costing a whole lot less). Simply wet your brush to achieve the look, and drag it gently over the soap. For those with naturally full and dark brows, the technique is ideally suited.


Eyebrows are the most crucial component of your face and your process and method of styling it makes a difference of, whether you're a beauty maven or you're just starting your adventure. You can contour the face to perfection and blend your eye make-up, but it's a waste unless your brows are done properly.

These above-suggested brows are super trendy and stylish and would give your face a stunning look. So, why wait for anything. Try these out right now.

We suggest you hit the add to cart option as soon as possible if you haven’t yet got your brows done.

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