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Brands that are changing vegan skincare game

Ritika Kulkarni

Vegan products have been ruling the skincare world for a long and are all set to spread their roots in depth. Not only are these beauty products cruelty-free, but they are also gentle to your skin and let out some remarkable results once you start using them. The vegan products constituent natural ingredients and are gluten-free, which makes them highly popular among ladies who have sensitive skin.

Vegan products are not going to die a natural death and are here to stay because of the numerous benefits it offers for maintaining skin beauty naturally. So here we bring before you the top brands that are vegan and are all set to rule the market in the coming days.


This brand brings for you the goodness in nature packed in every product it delivers for the skincare routine. Founded by Mr. Shankar Prasad, the products of Plum brand are known to be the very first brand of India that claims 100 percent vegan products. The products make use of various products such as olive, aloe vera, chamomile, green tea, rosemary, and various other natural constituents. The brand focuses on the quality of products and manufacturers it taking care of the different skin types and sensitivity aspects.


Kypris, commonly known as the Greek Goddess of love, stays an inspiration of this Kypris brand that makes use of wholly natural products. The products manufactured by this brand takes into account the sensuality and feminity requirements of the ladies and thus amalgamate all the natural products together to deliver the right potion of beauty regimen. This swoon-worthy brand makes use of plant oils, rich extracts, and other organic ingredients to serve a treat to your skin. Not only does it escalates your aesthetics, but this vegan brand also triggers cell renewal, softening your skin to a great extent.

3Nuria Beauty

One of the famous baby skincare brands that we know by the name Johnson & Johnson founded this brand, which compiled various Holy Grail ingredients to cater to the different skin concerns of individuals. May it be the exposure to lush climate or clogged pores, Nuria beauty products are manufactured such that it can take care of your skin in a fully vegan way as it does not use any kind of cruelty substituent. Apart from being a fully vegan brand, it also engages itself for a social cause by donating a part of its earnings for female education as a step to put an end to gender inequality.

4The body shop

When it comes to a vegan and cruelty-free skincare regime, “the Bodyshop” products are usually the first ones to pop up in mind. Almost everyone knows about this brand that has not only set some benchmarks in skincare and beauty but has atop name in supplying cruelty-free products. Their products are not tried and tested on animals and are a top pick amongst people who value nature and their skin.

5Ilana organics

Founded by Amit Patil and Nikita Deshpande, Ilana organics aims at manufacturing skincare products that modern ethics and natural ingredients best suited for the urban ladies. This brand claims to be fully vegan and makes use of sustainable remedies and procedures to derive their skin kissing products. The brand focuses on the natural ingredient requirements of the skin and thus delivers products that can take care of the skin of the beautiful ladies who struggle between managing their professional life and personal life and fail to take good care of their skin. A woman who is keen about her career and dreams can consider buying these products as these skincare staples are capable of catering to the needs of all types of skin. Be it oily, dry, pigmented, or any other skin type, these beauty products can deliver flawless skin with regular usage.


Pai is one of the biggest names in the world of skincare products that claim to be vegan and fit for all skin types. Even the ones whose skin is sensitive can consider using Pai products as they are free of alcohol, petrochemicals, parabens, irritating additives, and any kind of artificial fragrance. This brand is not only kind to the animals but also your skin as it makes use of natural ingredients and free of artificial additives that can raise some serious concern for your skin in the long run.

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