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2021 Nail Art Trends that Would Make You Go Wow!

Aarna Guha

Get over your French manicure and get something that would help you click the best Instaworthy pictures this year. We would be talking about so oh-so-amazing nail arts in this blog.

Bright nail polishes finish a look altogether. Wearing Zara but turning up with uneven nails – strictly a no-no in the fashion world. Also, doing your nails on girls’ night overs is such fun! It lifts the mood instantly as you bond with your girlfriends. Come on, nail arts were a great way to pass time and indulge in some creativity in our quarantine days. Can we even deny it?

Nail arts have been quite a thing and with the help of a few tricks, you can achieve them at home as well. No need to shed bucks at the nail studio. But before you buy bottles of polishes and glitters, you must know about what’s trending this year. Should you get pastel shades or bright colours? Should you invest in rhinestones or not? Should you go DIY or not? Here’s a complete guideline.

Bubblegum pink

Can we ever complete a blog on nail art without talking about the funky and playful bubblegum pink nail art? The best part is that you can play around it the way you like it. All you need to do is get some supplies and you can dress up the nails in stickers, glitters, and more. It is so much fun to work around pink nails. And guess what? It goes with almost all outfits.

Colourful Checkered Print

We would advise that you get this done by a nail artist. This year, we are going a little overboard because frankly, we need a break from the monotony of 2020! Bring out all the hues, add splashes, and fall in love with your checkered print nails. For DIY, get fine-tip striping brushes to create the waves. We just adore the structured and geometric patterns on nails. Kylie Jenner loves it FYI!

A few shades of green

We ain't talking 50, though (pun intended)! A few shades of green are enough. Even when it comes to clothes, we are including a lot of green this year. Similarly, we would be seeing green nail art trends this year. It will be popular especially in Spring. Neon green, earthy green, seafoam green, and emerald – do it as you want but make sure there is a lot of GREEN!

Velvet nails

If you are a fashionista, then you must have heard about velvet nails as well. This will be trending this year, especially amongst teenagers and college-goers. Get a magnetic polish for this art. The colour-changing velvet effect can be achieved at home (although you might fail a few times but totally worth it!). We love the texture it creates.

Rhinestone Accents

Are you the drama queen of your group? Do your friends always complain that you dress extra for a casual party as well? If yes, then rhinestone art should be your bae. Perfect for that little extra glam, rhinestone accents can totally change a nude or light pink polish!

Negative space florals

We think florals were and would be always there. They are great to look at and negative space nails are the new thing.

The naked manicure

The classic – a sheer coat or sheer colours on well-maintained nails. Sometimes, less is more in nails as well. We always adore the minimalistic approach. It can never go wrong. Best for corporates and working women.


A pop here and a pop there? Not for the faint-hearted, this neon trend is what we love this year. It is all about breaking barriers and doing something out of the box. Stick yellow, neon blue, or tradie safety orange – go get them.

Mask-matching manis

Come on, we know that you guessed this well in advance. Women all over Insta are now getting manis based on their masks.

Marshmallow stripes

These are super cute ones that include a swirly rainbow pattern along with a matte top coat.

Everything at once trend

If you are whimsical, then go for this one that includes splashes of colours and doesn’t abide by a particular theme. The ‘everything at once’ mani is for the spontaneous girls. However, it can look clumsy if you don’t get it done by a professional.

Sky Blue Spring Nail Trend

2020 was pretty grey, right? We mostly stayed indoors! But the blue sky gives us hope. Thus, bring on the sky blue trend. Add a few white clouds on the nails. Trust us, your DIY skills are enough for this.

Zebra Print Spring Nail Trend

Zebra print is not going out of trend anytime soon. They are quite cool and would look great with your pajamas.

With the work from home mode still on, play on with your nails as much as you can. There is no limit to it. Bring on the shades, pour in the glitters, and just have fun. Anything but boring!

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