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10 Hairstyles to Rock in 2021

Aarna Guha

Are you wondering what kinds of haircuts would help you get attention in 2021? If you always want to keep on top of the fashion game, then you have to take care of the mane game first! Whether you love the chic cuts or the traditional ones, we will get you covered on the trending haircuts that would help you make a style statement this year.

1Bob cuts

Bobs are a classic haircut that can never go wrong. It is a timeless cut and it makes one look so stylish and fashion–forward. This haircut is undoubtedly making a comeback in 2021. In fact, we have seen many women go for it towards the end of 2020 only. We have witnessed this haircut come back over and again just because of its sophistication and ability to change someone’s look irrespective of age. Unstructured bobs are “in” this 2021. The best part about bobs is that stylists can work around them to fit the facial structures of individuals. So what are you waiting for? Ask your hairstylist to give you a fabulous layered bob cut.


The bold pixie cut is coming back as well and we will be seeing them in the runways as well as amongst our close ones. They will surely be a rage. It is yet another classic style. And yes, the shorter it is, the better. It is a bold style statement and hairstylists across the world are already getting requests from their clients. One of the main reasons why are welcoming this cut again is because women are now willing for a change – a change that 2020 has taught us.

3Shaggy haircuts

Shaggy waves and shaggy haircuts with lots of layers are also something to look out for. If you want something exciting, then go for this one without any further thoughts. It is a bold and empowering cut. The cut will allow some loose layers to flow naturally, giving you a very muted yet sexy look.

4Medium length haircuts

Yes, you read that right. It is going to be back in 2021. No longer do you need to chop off a few inches because of your awkward length. You can sport medium length hair in style as it will be in a rage. People need to feel satisfied with themselves and empowered in 2021 and these cuts are just a reflection of the same. This length is easier to manage as well.

5Grown-out crop haircut

This will be big in 2021 as it is edgy and reflects the yearning to break free from the restrictions. Most stylists agree to the same. Crop haircuts are a few inches longer than pixies. If you want to go all the way, then add bangs to it. This is the perfect time to experiment as well as you are probably working from home!


If you don’t want to grow your hair, then go for extensions this 2021. We know it - you have always wanted it. Just make sure that the texture matches your natural hair.

7Blunt collarbone cut

The style is iconic and extremely flattering. It hits your collarbone and makes you look like a diva.

Ringing in a new year calls for new starts and it is the best way to start it with a bang-on haircut!

8Curtain bangs

Yes, those old curtain bangs – they are trending this year. This is certainly one of the daring cuts we have seen over the years! If you want to stand out in the crowd, then go for cute and flirty curtain bangs. We love the retro look of it.

9Mullet haircuts

The woman’s mullet haircut will take the market by storm whether you like it or not. It helps in making a very stylish and edgy statement. If you have that quirky vibe in your personality, then go for it. Stylists are glad as women across the world are finally open to ideas and are ready to break free from the same old, same old.

10Big afros

Big afros will help you grab the eyeballs in 2021. The bigger it is, the better as per various stylists. They are comparatively low-maintenance as well, which makes it a win-win situation for people with Afros.

Other than these cuts, people will be showing off their natural, conditioned curls as well. They will take over 2021 without any doubt.

2021 is the time to get that haircut which you always thought would be too much! Go beyond your comfort zone and try out something new – 2020 has taught us that we should live at the moment and make the most of it. Take your style game a notch higher with a beautiful chop!

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